Faux diesels

As I have understood it, many people have succeeded with trying to make somewhat accurate interpretations of diesel engines (at least turbocharged ones) even though the engine editor in the game only is allowing for gasoline. I have tried searching for threads on the topic and did not find anything useful as I could see, so I have to excuse myself if the topic has been brought up before, but what is the formula for success here?

Sure, I want to do some experimentation on my own so I am not asking for a complete formula, but at least if there is some easy rules to start with. Because building the engine like a diesel is constructed is not really an alternative since it would knock itself to pieces in no time…

IMO there are a few separate cases for that:

  • old N/A diesel - just go for max efficiency and tell everyone it’s lower displacement than it actually is in the game - even the most eco-focused N/A petrols from the game will be noticeably more powerful than any N/A diesel
  • old turbodiesel - just make an eco-turbo engine, done - I’ve replicated D24TIC this way, got results on point; though I guess that still the weakest turbodiesels might still be below any sensible setup in the game (in other words, you won’t be able to make the engine weaker without making it less efficient and overall worse)
  • modern turbodiesel (90s+) for in-game stats - same as the old one; VVLT advised as a replacement for VTG, even though it usually doesn’t appear in diesels; as for the torque figures, which will be very low in this case - I like Wildgerman’s (rest in ban) way of just multiplying them by 1.4 for marketing purposes (or simply never stating them)
  • modern turbodiesel (90s+) for driving in Beam - go for all the boost and torque and screw efficiency

There’s no good way to replicate or even vaguely emulate modern diesels with their efficiency and torque. Trying to get both you simply end up with a modern turbo petrol, which is no surprise in a petrol engine builder.


I’ve always tuned for efficency and torque (more so torque when I could). In the latest version of the game just use the highest octane gas since diesel combusts differently than gas. Use a high compression engine with lots of stroke, and use small value for timing.

Alternatively, if you want to simulate an E85 engine, use 100 octane gas and build the rest like any other gas engine.