FB Truck Products

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FB Truck Products

FB Truck Products is a company - alike Kelsa in real life - which makes custom parts for commercial vehicles.
Started in 1999 in Hartlepool, the company originally started as a truck fitter, contracted to fit parts. In 2003, they started to produce light bars in small numbers, selling them online.


Show Fleet 2008

FB Truck Products own fleet first appeared in 2008

While FB had had some success at this point, their show fleet consisted of a used SCV Athena 410 44T Lorry, and a small van - an Aanholt Utile V6. This was to keep costs down.

SCV Athena 410 - Demonstrator

The SCV Athena was bought used - a 2005 model.

It featured:

FB High-Bar with Beacon Mounts - Twin Spots and a Lightbox
FB Concealed Low-Mount - 4 spots, 2 Fogs and Mudflaps
FB Multi-Light Visor - 4 spots, 2 LEDs
FB Custom Grille with 4 double burners
FB Step Bar with 3 LEDs
Eminox Sidepipes.

Aanholt Utile V6 - Show Vehicle

The Aanholt was bought new to the company in March of 2005 as a mobile repair van, but when it was no longer needed, they set about modifying it.

It featured:

FB LedBar with 3 LEDs
FB Grille with Strobe Lights
FB Hood Bra
Custom, unique vented bonnet
FB Plain Visor - Reverse
FB BeaconBar
BBS CH-R 2 Alloys
FB Side Step
FB Trucks Rear Window Sticker
Remus Exhaust

The pair toured the Truckfest shows that year, promoting the business, as well as being shown at some modified car meets.

Drumming up interest at these shows, they received their highest gross income that year.


Volvo FH16 By FB Truck Products

Approached by Volvo Trucks to create some parts from the new FH16, we created a minibar, a hibar and a bakbar, and fitted lollipops, strobes and alcoa rims.


SCV Spartac 320

Keeping it simple for this classic truck, FB Truck Products fitted a multibar, air horns, strobing beacons, airhorns, visor mounted spots and a bakbar.


SCV 4000 Trader

This 1960s 8-wheeler is a preserved heritage vehicle owned by FB Truck Products.

It has the 120 spec 4L Inline-6 producing 126hp and over 201lb-ft of torque. This particular truck is production year 1, 1964.


There’s a reason it’s called the Trader - it’s aimed at commercial freight companies, and to that end, it can carry a lot of cargo for its size and era, exactly as it was designed for.

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