Final release?

Not sure where to post this so though post it here.

I’m sure it maybe a few weeks if not month to go but just curious, do you guys have a ETA on steam/final release? Q4 2014?

Logically, when they are ready to release it, it will be released. :slight_smile:

A year and a bit more like! Lots more tycoon stuff left to do.

The first tycoon aspects should appear before then though :slight_smile: just like with the Car Designer that started off with very few features and now almost is completed.

You might want to update the main page then, since it says automation is aiming for a late 2014 release.

however, you saying that there is still something like a year and a bit of development to go does relieve some of my private concerns that you would have to rush the campaign mode to get the game out by 2014

I always expected Automation to release around mid to late 2015s. So I hope Im right haha!

Yeah, I never expected something this detailed and complex to be finished within 4 years of development either. Put it this way: the more time taken during development, the higher standard of game the devs can produce! It pays to be patient!

Ahh yes, I’ll update that page. We’re always pretty bad at estimating release dates. I figure as long as we’re making good progress and everything is working to the quality we expect we are still on track, we’ve no reason to rush out something dodgy.