First post on the forums. Ever. Here are some of my works!

I’m still looking to improve. But hey, it’s a start.
I plan to post often here, as I’ve been getting into Automation a lot more.


Quite a good start, made sweeter by the presence of fully detailed interiors in all of those builds you have shown us. It would therefore make perfect sense for you to also show their mechanical specs, just so that we could find out what they can really do. And while you’re at it, why not showcase your builds in the car design subforum?

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For sure. I will do this over the course of the next few days, with individual posts for individual cars. Thank you for the kind words!

The shown examples are really good for a beginner.


I definitely should have specified. I had actually started automation around over a year ago. Then it sat in my steam library for like, 10 months. Then, DrDoomD1scord joined my discord server, and started sharing his creations. This inspired me, a lot. And that’s how we get to today

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