Fit engine bug Please solve!

I’ve started a project and now i cant fit a V8 in the car. I cant even fit a 3i engine. Ive tried transverse and longitudinal but with no success

This is the car :

Its a mid engine setup
Anyone with this problem? thx

I’m not sure for that specific body, but I know there’s a few bodies where the MR or RR options for them have literally no space for any engine, so try making it FR and see if you can fit it in then.

i have only the option for mid

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what engine configuration are you using?

i want use v8 4.3, im making f430 replica. but the only engine that fit is a i3 800cm3

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This might be the cause of your problem:

You should have known this by now. Why not fit a 2.0L I4 transversely, like I did, and pitch the resulting car as an Elise rival?

Other engines, such as a 3.0L V6, can be used instead, if you feel so inclined. Or you can wait for the large version of the 12C body to be added to UE4 and use that for your project.

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this is the point, even a i4 2L doesnt fit.

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You must be trying to mount the engine longitudinally instead of transversely.

I remember slotting in a 3.9 v8 in there in kee for an AMWEC spec Adelaide, but that was as big as it could fit. Did the engine bay become so drastically small?

Both ways i cant fit any engine

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In the ue4 version im having issues

Is this still the case after Saturday’s update (we fixed some aspects of that issue)? Try by re-selecting the body and engine layout.

Ive already tried, no success

The test build I just made recently is powered by an undersquare 2.0L V6 that just barely fits whether it’s mounted transversely or longitudinally. So yes, the engine bay has indeed shrunk - with the former option it’s now actually wider than it is long. However, the car below has a longitudinally mounted engine, and even this option doesn’t give you much more space to work with.

As you can see from the cutaway above, it’s a very snug fit, but I still managed to get around 200 horsepower out of the engine. In a car as small as light as this, it should be enough…

Yes its enough, ive fitted finally a 2.0litre 4i 200hp aspirated. Thx you all