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Fixtures Bug Reports & Suggestions

Post here for suggestions/bugs/overhaul of the fixture system, Jaye will be looking through this list and making improvements/fixes where possible.

Please make one post per issue/suggestion, and use one of the two following formats to report it:

BUG REPORT (E.G, Lips sometimes have spikes going backwards)

  • Is this a suggestion about the fixture system in general, or a specific fixture?:

  • If a specific fixture post a screenshot of the thumbnail for it here:

  • If it happens on a specific body, what is the name of that body

  • What is the expected behaviour that should be occurring?

  • Describe the bug in detail, and the situation in which it occurs

  • Post a screenshot (Or GIF/Video if possible) of the issue occurring

  • Post a .car file that has the problem

FEATURE/IMPROVEMENT REQUEST (E.G - Adjustable height spoilers. Modular Tail Lights, Dynamic spare tyres…)

  • Describe in detail what change you would like made to the fixture system

  • Post any images relevant to explaining what you want, photos of real cars, Screenshots with things drawn over them, whatever

Note that the biggest priority here is stuff that’s Frustrating and Feels Broken, over cool new things.


Feature Request

I think it would be cool to be able to select from different tire sidewall styles sort of like we do with rims. Having sidewalls, white letter branding etc. could really help give the tires some personality like these for example:



Feature/Fixture Request

The ability to create a spare tire fixture of some sort, a fifth spawn point for a wheel that will give you the same rim and tire combo that’s on the car, for use as an external spare tire.



This vent fixture:

Does not respond properly to the second material slot, which affects the chrome part. When a paint is chosen, or carbon fiber, it just reverts to the chrome material, but it works with the plastic material for some reason:


Feature/Fixture Request

Shape keys and bones for fixtures.

Bones so you can do things like animate pop up headlights, or retract a power antenna, so the ability to rotate a bone would be needed.

Shape Keys so you can do things like add detail to bumpers, or add height to a spoiler, or make lips longer/shorter…etc.


This is a minor one, but the threshold for fixtures snapping to the center scales with the fixture. This makes working with fixtures that are very small by default a little annoying to use.

(sorry for potato quality)



Clicking the mirrored side of a fixture and then trying to move it with the arrow keys just flips it back and forth instead of nudging it over.



Bug report

The scaling arrow buttons in the gizmo. Sometimes they affect the other direction than intended, since it seems to be based on the view angle but unless you are viewing things in close to 90/180/270/0 degree angles, it’s anyones guess as to which direction it scales something.

I don’t know exactly if and how it could be improved though. Maybe somehow align the arrows with the fixture.

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Feature Improvement:

When attempting to select fixtures in order to move/modify them, sometimes the grabbed fixture will not be the intended fixture, but normally will always be a fixture through the body on the other end of the car.

Eg. Attempting to grab a rear light but grabbing the front grille instead.

It’s fairly annoying trying to create a detailed badge because of the snapping feature. There should definitely be a way to disable center snapping.


3d modelling software style gizmo for fixture manipulation, that is always aligned with the fixture’s angle.

So if you were to turn the fixture (by dragging the blue circle), the arrows would turn with it. I’m assuming you don’t need further explanation on how this would work, should be pretty obvious for people who make games with 3d graphics.

It doesn’t have to be exactly like that mockup but something like that. Maybe even just making the current gizmo turn with the fixture could work.


^ This, and perhaps allow the option to embed/extrude fixtures into or out of the car the would increase the use of the current fixtures we have in game a lot.

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Feature Request: Fixture Group Selection

I hope that we’ll be able to select multiple fixtures as a group, either via drag-selection or shift+clicking fixtures. This would be super useful for people that are creating design elements for cars out of multiple fixtures, or for those that are trying to move large groups of fixtures around.

If possible:

  • Have it so that the groups can be selected via drag-selection or shift+click (for selecting/unselecting specifics)
  • Have it so that the selected fixture groups can be saved/loaded/copied/pasted for usage across multiple vehicles (very useful if you want to have the same sized elements, like company logos or specific grille designs made out of multiple elements).

There is. Right hand side, “disable fixture snapping”, looks like a magnet (sort of).


This fixture “float”


on this fixture there is a “fixed” chrome border. It miss the option to change the material.


The possibility to move the fixture also on the “depth” axis and better overlay the fixture one on another.
Like to sink the fixture deep in the body or extrude it outside the body.


Feature request.

The possibility to rotate (additional mesh) fixtures 3 ways. For a good reference see gizmo in Kerbal Space Program.

There’s an issue I often have with the fixture selection. When selecting a fixture say on its edge, the fixture then “snaps” so that its centre point is under the cursor, rather than the area that was selected. This makes it hard to do minor tweaks to fixture placement.

Couldn’t say I know how to replicate it every time, it could be caused by specific fixtures, or just by where on the body they’re placed.


Minor bug report, all of the fixtures and its variants (in the red square of the picture) are turned by 180° in the wrong direction.
This is also my first post on this forum, so if I’ve done anything wrong, I’m sorry.

Couple global textures I’ve noticed are missing (As Daffy has told me), specifically the red and amber lights used in these fixtures. The white reverse light textures are completely fine and are normal, but the others are missing and are unable to be selected again after a new brake/amber light is selected:

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