Flight AH5017 and flight GE/TNA222 crashed

Two more plane crashes since flight MH17 have crashed:

Flight GE/TNA222 was a small plane travelling from Koahsiung International Airport to Magong Airport, both in Taiwan. The crash occurred in stormy weather after an attempt at landing before the incident failed. 58 people were on the flight, 48 of which died. The incident occurred on 23/07/2014.

Flight AH5017 was a flight from Ouagadougou Airport in Burkina Faso to Houari Boumediene Airport in the capital of Algeria. The plane disappeared from radar over Mali 50 minutes after taking off. All crew and passengers have died, the majority of which were French. It is not known what caused the incident, and there are many theories, but it could just be down to poor weather conditions. The incident occurred on 24/07/2014.

You can read more on the incidents in the links below:

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I think plane crashes like these two are tragic, of course. But they happen every day somewhere, much more than we get to know. It’s the same with car accidents, only that more people are involved in a plane crash. So i understand why people think accidents like these are problematic, but what are we supposed to do? Why is the media full of those things? If theres nobody involved that we could care about, why would we even bother?
But of course, it’s a different story with the crash in the Ukraine because that was for political reasons.

It’s horrible, but a time of many crashes such as these has been coming for a few years. Airline deaths have been at an all-time low, much lower than experts have predicted. Sadly, it is mostly likely due to good luck, not any major new advances in safety. It can only be expected that the number of deaths will average out. The airline industry can’t expect to have the luck of the past few years forever.

The media is full of these things for two reasons 1) The need for news in the media’s constant, 24-hour news cycle. This is pretty self explanatory. 2) The safety of the airline industry. Large plane crashes are quite infrequent, and when one happens, it becomes new. Let’s say that only 1-3 cars crashed every year. If this was the case, the media would be reporting about that.

What in the world is happening?

Nothing special, it’s just that right now it’s trendy to put this stuff in the news.

@Jakgoe i see your point. But what do we have to do with the plane crash in Mali? It doesn’t affect us, and we have our own problems in Austria as well. And the media shows wayyy more negative news than positive ones. You can only imagine what effect this has on the people who watch/read it. For example, why isn’t there a good mix of, you know, accidents on one hand and then something that would cheer people up on the other hand? No, everything is factual, be it about politics (which is usually bad news, at least in Austria because our politicians dont do shit) or economy, sports or the weather. But i now understand why more and more people suffer from depression, its because we’re surrounded by bad things happening which distract from the positive things in life. We should take our time to enjoy our lifes whenever we have the opportunity to, and seperate things we can change from those we can’t. That’s my philosophy on that topic.

Pretty much business as usual aviation wise, there have just been a few paticularly noteworthy crashes lately is all.

planecrashinfo.com/ documents most aviation incidents, and gives you a good idea of how often it happens.

The media will continue to be the media, and the people in charge of it will always think that negative news is more “interesting” and “hard-hitting”. Remember, they make their money from entertaining the viewers, not providing news that is nice to hear. I get your point exactly, and in no way try to defend the media, but put yourself in the shoes of an average person. Would you rather watch the news about a $50,000 donation to an orphanage, or the news about the “development” of a plane crash? It’s not the right thing to do, and certainly not the nice thing to do, but they make their money from reporting negative news, and will always do so.

Austria is not alone in having shitty politicians, don’t feel special :wink: .