Florentina-Vittoria Automobili Sportive

My fake italian car company, and not just! I made a muscle car which doesn’t quite fit into the company’s style.

The Mineta:

A compact car which competed in rally with success due to it’s extremely lightweight nature.

The 1975 Model:


Chrome is a dominant design feature and the car comes equipped with a 1.0L 4Cyl in-line engine that produces 38hp, and is FWD. More engines to come, notably a sport and turbo version.

The 1983 Model:


Chome has been dropped for body-color grills, perhaps I should swap it out for black plastic to remain more time-period appropriate. This new model comes with a more powerful 44hp 4cyl 1.0L engine for the “Junior” version. It also has two derivatives, the “Sportive” with a 1.5L 75hp engine and the “Turbo” with an astounding 115hp engine (reliability not included).

It was also declined into a Rally model, famous for its bright orange paintjob:


This model known as the “TurboRally” is unlike the regular commercialized model, RWD with a longitudinal 2.1L 4cyl engine that develops an incredible 230hp. The noticeable design changes include extra vents to accommodate better cooling in the front, double rear exhausts and large wheel passages on the sides.

Balanciaga (2008):


A sporty 4-door sedan, with two different configurations, a 6-cyl 170hp engine and a Turbocharged 6-cyl 270hp engine.

Carrera (2007):


The high end sports car, with a powerful Turbocharged 5.0L V8 that pulls 570hp, I’m considering adding the Supersport 1050hp engine aswell, but that feels like slight overkill. I also have a 1500hp version, but with 0 MTBF… Alas.

Bullhorn (2010):


My family-less muscle car, or perhaps a moment of identity crisis for my fake italian sports car firm, where they decided, “hey those american muscle car remakes are selling well!”. I went ALL-AMERICAN on this baby though, and put a 5.5L V8 with carburetors that churns 350hp. Surprisingly enough when I tried injection on the engine I flew up to 470hp and increased MTBF, but we all know carburetors are the only true manly method of intake.

Edit: Since images didn’t display with the .img] I put up straight links to the photo host, sorry for the inconvenience.

I really like Balanciaga and Carrera. Good job mate :slight_smile:

Thanks! It means a lot! :slight_smile:

Just a tip. Put your imagelinks between img]IMAGELINK HERE /img] (without the spaces) so your pictures show up in your post :slight_smile:

You got some nice designs there!

[quote=“WizzyThaMan”]Just a tip. Put your imagelinks between img]IMAGELINK HERE /img] (without the spaces) so your pictures show up in your post :slight_smile:

You got some nice designs there![/quote]

I tried and it didn’t work, it just displayed the word “Image”, I don’t know why.

Thanks though!

I revised my car designs, apologies to Malchy who I pretty heavily plagiarized for the back of the Balanciaga. :smiley:

Balanciaga Sedan 2007


Carrera Coupé 2005 and 2010 Respectively




Bullhorn Muscle Car/Coupé 2010


Mineta 1975, 1983 and 1983 Rally Respectively






Hope you guys like it! I think small details make the cars look pretty significantly better, my original designs were incredibly simplistic.

PS: Sorry for the links but here is what does when I use it: http://postimg.org/image/yj0mqi2gt/