Florida Man's Automation Junkyard

uhh hi just thought i would make my own car sharing thread so here are my brands to start with (i will likely never bother with writing any form of extensive lore :tm: for them unfourtanetly):

  • :us: Mercer + Bellomont (luxury div.)
  • :jp: Kamaka + undecided luxury div.
  • :de: Wichsen
  • :fr: Trémaux
  • :uk: ?
  • :de: Noël
  • :us: Basedworks

1966 Bellomont Fort Lauderdale

A rolling luxury fortress

The Fort Lauderdale is Bellomont’s flagship luxury sedan which was in production from 1953-2001. The names “Eldorado” and “Deville” sounded foreign and completely non-american, so those were basically… c*ommunist cars.:face_vomiting:

Instead, the name Fort Lauderdale because any American knows that lots of letters scream sophistication, plus it comes from a city in one of the most American states ever: Florida.

The 1966 model is regarded as the greatest one of them all with its amazing build quality.

The '66 Fort Lauderdale was offered with either a 423 or 460 ci V8 and a 3 speed automatic transmission. This one in particular has the 460 making a whopping 415 (320) horsepower.

It was famously regarded for being built like a tank; it reflects this fact due to it being a very popular car of choice for mob bosses, and it was banned from demolition derbies for being damn near indestructible.


The rich and (in)famous of the era would have bought the Fort Lauderdale in droves - especially those living in or near its namesake.

I like the Fort Lauderdale, of course the inspiration source is easy to spot…maybe some great competition for Wraith back in the 60s.