Forced Induction Overhaul Questions

Hi all, I have some questions regarding the future forced induction revamp.
When it comes to superchargers, what will the tuning options be? Will there be clutch engage and disengage options, especially for twincharging? Will we be able to tune friction values and select pulley ratios?
Will there be options for stacked (compound) turbos for stupid boost (example: Mitsubishi engine uses compound turbo setup to achieve 112psi)? And finally, is triplecharging (2 turbos+supercharger) a possibility? Reason I ask about triplecharging is if I was to use a twin charger system on a V16, a single compressor would theoretically become restrictive, based upon how the twin turbos currently behave.

I am well aware Automation is really meant for production cars, but manufacturers do make wild concept cars all the time. Some features above are used in production cars, which is why I asked about them.
Thank you in advance for answers.

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