Forced Induction

Hey guys, just wondering if force induction will be implemented into the game such as turbochargers, roots type superchargers and centrifugal superchargers.

Of course, thats on my to-do list for art fairly soon, then I’ve gotta shout at Zeussy to make the calculations for it happen :stuck_out_tongue:

dont forget about twin charging

And maybe even complex twincharged twin water-air intercooled setups? (sc-ic-tc-ic-engine)


People have done that on MR2s!

It would be really neat to see twin screw and pressure wave chargers as well.

How about Electric Superchargers?


will dual turbos only be sequential or will we be allowed to set things like we like ?

I just want to know if the turbo becomes red if you run the engine tanks…Good luck with the game :smiley:


[quote=“machalel”]How about Electric Superchargers?


Ha-ha! Oh man, eBay specials…

Defiantly would love to see some turbos, Super chargers or even vortex style / Belt driven turbo/superchargers!