Ford it! - Foxy (body) Lady! ~ Fox body '82-'89 Fun Stuff

The body itself is the only restriction.
So far.

I do still wish the devs would add front longitudinal engine placement to it…

But it makes for an interesting build.

###I have the Ultimate Fox Body for you today!

With it’s light weight and rear mounted engine,
American Eagle Automotive proudly presents:

##The Corzippa GT

Who needs a V8 when you have a high-revving V6?
And how about 140 ponies under the trunk!

Styled to compete with the Mustang and Camaro, this car absolutely Blows them out of the water

Not enough? How about a Premium interior for 2? No? How about vinyl seats? Yea, now you’re talking!

Everyone looking for a Porsche contender, take a good gander… This is The most wanted car in Gasmea!
We have even used regular steel for the body, no exotic stuff like aluminum or fiberglass!

And don’t worry about gas, just fill it up with regular!

American Eagle Automotive is throwing punches in the Sports car markets…

**Just try to...** ##Beat that! ######Edit, lots of little spelling errors, and more...
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it isn’t a muscle car without a v8 modor :smiley: that barely fits in the rear of the car

we know what is up, we know you hate rust, we hate rust. and decided to use corrosion resistant steel for the chassis and body panels. it might be more costly and heavy, but hey less rust for you

double wishbone suspension for better comfort

a 4.0 v8, with 305 HP.

0-100 km/h 5.2 seconds
with a top speed of 280 km/h

with a weight of 1161 kg and 305 hp. that means 3.8 KG per HP
that means 262 horses per tonne

this takes the fight on cars like porsche, lamborghini, ferrari

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Coincidentally, this body is used for the Fox nameplate over here at Bogliq Automotive…

I have two trims available, both looking very similar, one’s an eco hero and the other’s built for speed!

1986 Bogliq Fox Ecostar

0-100Km/h: 10.7 sec, 178Km/h top speed, 17.58 sec Q/mile and 6.06L/100Km!

Airfield track: 1:40.27

1986 Bogliq Fox 400GT

0-100Km/h: 4.5 sec, 264Km/h top speed, 12.78 sec Q/mile and 12.45L/100Km

Airfield track: 1:24.74

Car file for verification purposes…
High_Octane_Love - (114.1 KB)

The Adenine Mist (which seems to be making its way around these days) made its original debut in 1985. Based on the concept that a lightweight sports car could be both economical and fun to drive, Adenine designed the Mist in two versions.

The Base I6 version used the same Inline Designs I6 engine from Adenine’s Valence family sedan, which combined with the use of partial aluminum panels resulted in a class-leading 35mpg. It also offered good comfort, featuring a premium interior and the I6’s famous smoothness. With a 0-60 time of 7.5 seconds and excellent cornering ability, the base version was a solid sports car in its own right.

The Sport V6 version took advantage of the Mist’s light weight and added a 220hp turbocharged V6 to take the performance to new heights. Known for its appearance in the Top Gear Challenge, the Sport V6 accelerated from 0-60 in 5 seconds, cornered like a boss, and still got a respectable 23mpg.

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here our eco boosted engine
we swapped the engine for a 1.1 turbocharged

much more economical,
cheaper to run,
cheaper to insure,
less emissions,

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Good to see so many submissions.
Reviews will begin sometime next week.

be gentle on the 1.1 ecoboost one :smiley:

No Rules? Okay :smiley:

To celebrate 10th anniversary of the Revera Racing Department, they took on the Revera NR for a special treatment. The engineers got one task: Make the fastest NR ever, with no cost or other constraints what so ever.

The Result of this treatment actually shared only the looks of the [original Revera NR] (The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven - #520 by asdren), as you might know it. Everything else is new and tuned to max silliness.


I had plans for a submission, but unfortunately so far everything I’ve built based off this model is junk. Perhaps Petoskey Motors is just not cut out to make a mid-engine sports car for the '80s.

nice. how much it costs in the market ?

$124000 with a 25% profit included.

damn son. that’s more of a hypercar of its time

for the same money you could buy
10 of mine cars, (each one costs 12k each with 10% market)

or just one, and the rest of money spend on fuel 15 liter per 100 KM (19-20 MPG) and repairs

Well, 840hp is enough to make it to the hypercar territory and justify the price. But it’s not designed to be sold to broad public, not reliable, huge turbo lag, around 30l/100km. More like a technological show case :slight_smile:

Looks like I’m getting different (lower) market values. Maybe something got changed for the latest Steam open beta, which I’m using. Oh well. Screencapped cars with values over 120 will be getting reviews.

Sorry, man. Your ride doesn’t quite cut it.

Indeed! It’s a tricky body to work with. :stuck_out_tongue:

I added the screen capture of the market tab for my entry.

FSD would like to presesnt a new hypercar made in the 1985.

FSD Foxer is a hypercar, which is meant to spend most of the time on a race track. It features a high-revving naturally aspirated v8 engine and race oriented suspension. It is impossible to go past this car and not to notice it. The car is offered for a bit more than 100k. What a bargain!

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is this going to be continous? i mean there’s no deadline right?

It’ll stay alive until I run out of steam. Anyway, review time.

American Eagle Automotive brings us, the Corzippa GT.

A snippet from the European automotive magazine Driving Gloves, August 1982.

Last week we got a Corzippa GT in for review and boy did me and Jim enjoy our time with it!

Are you by chance looking for a zippy, solid sports car? Well, you might just be in luck this year. The GT, with its 2.6 liter naturally aspirated V6, does 0-100 in a mere 7 seconds. Not bad for 140 horsepower. This being something of a premium coupe coming in at just under 990 kilograms, we were quite surprised. In more ways than one. Oh, and did we mention that the engine’s rear-mounted? You might not think it just from seeing the front of the car.

Let’s get into it. Literally.

Jim, properly seated in the somewhat cramped driver seat, set out to find some issue with the interior. (I’m pretty sure he just likes knobs and buttons.) He didn’t find anything. Imagine that! We were both expecting to stumble into at least one cut corner but nope. You get what you see and it all works. AEA had boldly stated that this car would be going head to head with the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro. Perhaps even blow them out of the water. Sitting in the GT, well, you can kinda see it. Kinda. It’s a cramped car. There’s no denying it. With someone in the passenger seat you feel even more confined. Sardine syndrome. Oh well. Screw the Mustang and Camaro! It’s a fast car, so who cares!

Smooth gearbox. Smooth acceleration. Smooth car! The one performance complaint we could come up with is the lackluster top speed. This ride, costing you about $4300, won’t quite get you up to 200km/h. We couldn’t do it at least, and that was on a test track! So, acceleration over top speed. Power does drop off somewhat at the higher RPMs (redline at 6200) so you might be struggling after reaching about 140km/h. Not that you’d want to try that.

At high speed this thing suddenly becomes very clumsy. Go straight. That’s all you can hope to do. The steering gets floaty and extremely unresponsive after reaching 150km/h. Kinda like driving a fish. This, coupled with some feeble, lackluster solid disc brakes (HERE’S the cut corner we were looking for), might give you something of a shock. Were you driving a responsive sports car a few seconds ago? Well not anymore! Buckle up. Or don’t go that fast. That’s the best advice we can give you.

On a more positive note, we’ve been testing the GT all weekend on a full tank of gas (regular, mind you) and it’s still going! This is one lean engine, folks. Power and economy? Almost seems too good to be true.

And so, our final verdict.
Should you get it? - Sure! If you don’t plan on having a family anytime soon.
Is it worth it? - Man, a sports car this speedy and you can fill it up on regular gas? Worth it.