Formula GMI - Need Help

The Basics

Each team will get a homologation spec car, a single seater with a turbo 900cc 3 cylinder race engine, and a 7 speed sequential gearbox. The teams will be allowed to change the cars gearing, suspension setup and aero angles before each race to optimise for the next track (A Zip file with all the tracks will be made available before the season starts if this thing follows through).

To keep things simple fuel will not be an issue. I guess you could say that because each car has the same engine the amount of fuel will be set by the organiser. Tire wear however will be a set amount depending on track, there will be another aspect later that will effect tyre wear.

As for drivers, each team will get 2 drivers, they may also differ their setups slightly too. Each driver will get an agression rating. This will affect their tyre wear, as a more agressive driver will degrade their tyres faster, but they will also lap slightly faster. However agressive drivers will also have a higher chance of crashing and ultimately a crash in thi series will be a dnf. (More setails will be given at another time).

There may be more added here when I’m ready to start a season, if it makes it past the planning phase as this is quite an ambitious idea.

Where I need help

So I need a spreadsheet or program that will do all the calculations for me. What I require is as follows:

  • A primary input for each cars number, it’s initial lap time which will also act like qualifying and decide where on the grid the car starts, an input for number of laps, base tyre deg and driver agression.

  • It needs to be able to then calculate what lap time the car will do on the next lap based on the tyre deg, and driver agression

  • every lap it also needs to decide if a driver crashes depending on their agression and tyre deg values

  • every lap it also needs to calculate the time gap between every car and if a cars position gains if it is able to lap faster because of the car being in better condition

  • have an input for what lap the car pits and then add 20 seconds onto the lap time for that lap.

  • Reset the tyre deg when a car pits

  • calculate a final finishing order at the end of the race along with a total race time for each car. Also must state whether a car has DNF or not because of a crash.

Bonus Features that would be cool but aren’t neccessary:

  • Different tyre types that affect lap times bith different deg rates

  • The ability to set tyre type on a pit stop

  • Add chance for a car to take out another if the driver is too agressive

  • Spins and whether they are recoverable or not

  • Random pushes happen from lap to lap for more agressive drivers that lead to a faster lap but add more wear than usual foer that lap

If you think you can make something like this then please let me know, you’ll get full credit for it, and I’ll even throw in the bonus of picking a few tracks for when we start racing. Please PM me if you can because I’d really like to make this happen since I think it’d be fun to compete in, even if I won’t be entering myself.

Here is a Formula GMI for if this works out


I appreciate the interest, the spreadsheet stuff is a little above my head and have uni coursework to get done hence why I’m looking for help. I’d try if I had more time to do it myself.

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Didn’t get to answer any sooner…

Good luck for the uni work, I know the struggle… :sweat_smile:

Hey, I have some spare time right now. Shoot me a message on discord if you wanna discuss (I am in the official server, should be somewhat easy to find).