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Forums Moved to new server

The forums have moved to a new server. It may take a while for peoples DNS’s to update to the new address. So you may get slow performance until that happens. It does not matter if your DNS hasn’t updated, or you don’t know what this means. Updated or not, it all points to the same forum/server regardless.

The slow down on the forums was caused by Apache2’s ProxyPass being very slow. This forwards the connection to the actual forum server. Once your DNS updates, it will then connect to the forum directly, bypassing the slow Apache ProxyPass.

Please let me know if there are any issues. The server was put into read only, and a backup was extracted and applied to the new server. So nothing should’ve been lost.


It doesn’t work on the 8000 port, but since now it is working good on standard port I don’t think it is much of an issue.

That port 8000 was only a temp solution until I could properly sort the issue.

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Cheers I was wondering the same, switched back to 80 and everything is fine now

Still working at school even

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Please, please forgive me after this @zeussy , but I HAVE to say it:

“So nothing should of been lost.”
"So nothing should HAVE been lost. "

I’m late seeing this post, but the forum has been so much better the last few days! Thanks guys!