Fraser car dump

no lore fuck lore im lazy and stupid

if you happen to have similar builds feel free to drop em below and start a competition or something

also, the pictures here may look a lil strange cuz the colors on my monitor are a lil fucky wucky n idk how 2 fix it.

welcome to the dump

alright this car actually doesnt have a name


this also doesnt have a name


If you gave it a name, I would be interested in acquiring one.

That’s a promising sports car design - I just wished the taillights were mounted lower down for more aesthetic cohesion.

this car does have a name, and its called the statesman

coming soon to your local used car classifieds with 900000kms for $6500


The more I think about it, the more period-accurate the Statesman appears to be - it looks right at home in the mid-late-80s (or early-90s) mid-sized executive car market. The redwall tires seem a bit out of place, though.

I take that as “its stats would have been vastly inferior to those of its closest opposition”.

appearance-wise yeah, very period. i tried to make it look as 90s as could be, modeled it mainly after the lexus es250 so thats about as 90s as it gets. specs-wise it would probably get binned from a csr immediately

did a little 3d fuckery over the weekend


breadbox with the inflated value


its been a while