Freezing and subsequent Hard Crash on exporting, specifically on thumbnail text

Hello community,
I understand that my issue is rather unique, thus it has not been resolved with my rummaging around on the internet. My Game will stutter then crash on ‘uploading thumbnail’ when I am exporting a vehicle to beamng. I do not believe it is my computer’s hardware that is the issue since its quite powerful. None of the many bug fixes have alleviated the issue so I’m led to believe that its something I’ve done with the game files. I have tried reinstalling both games onto the same drive but to no avail. If its any help When I search for the exports folder, it leads me to a folder called userdata, and when I click on the automationgame file that superseeds the userdata, its empty. I appreciate that It won’t be a quick fix but I love this game and this issue has prevented me from enjoying the game for a few months. I would like to export my career vehicles to drive because it’s part of the fun.
Please devs take pity on me,
Thanks for reading this post.

Are you on the most up to date version of Automation?

Yes I am on the latest bug fix of 4.2

I have however since reinstalled windows and thankfully the curse has been lifted!