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From riches to rags (One off-challenge)

1981 Quezon Cordova 1.6 Dual-Cam 4MT

anytime baby

this car is an F-14 Tomcat shut the up motherbitch

i dont have any pictures to use and i dont wanna take anymore waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

tales of a man dead inside on his birthday after waiting for the food to be prepared just let me eat already


MAHG Delta '84 Export Trim

What can you get for 13 000$?

Well, a nice car!

Not a fast one… but, a comfortable one, roomy and reliable.

You have here a nicely appointed interior with a radio, a reliable 1.2L unit with the latest fuel injection technologies, all the bonuses from the Export trim and a 3 automatic gearbox!


:jp: Hōgai Sendai LB

The LB means that it is a low-mid spec model. Basically a base model with a few extra creature comforts and features, but not quite reaching the Mid spec model.

Features include:

  • 1.6L (1627cc) I4 producing 71hp. Base engine
  • 4 speed all-syncro gearbox, top speed 170km/h. (rwd)
  • 12" steel wheels with front disc brakes.
  • Standard interior with optional cassette player included.
  • Hydraulic power-steering.
  • Foglights and rear wiper.

This particular example was used as a dealership review unit for around 4 years. That’s why it has a few strange additions to it, such as the radio and rear wiper.


I’m not sure you can just say the car is cheaper if it’s over the budget


the thing is i was 100% sure i was under budget when i sent the car in, but when i opened the car today it was magically $100 above the budget for some reason… i dont know if it is over budget on the one i sent to madcat so i wrote this story just in case :sweat_smile:

I have encountered a bug sometimes where the cost of the car stops updating when you change things. Exiting the editor and going back in usually fixes it. You might have run afoul of that. Or you changed something like swaybar stiffness which can actually nudge you to the next $100 if you’re not careful!

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Maybe your car has some morph issues? I’ve had that with a model I sent in for another challenge. It not only completely threw the fixtures out of their place, but also changed the specs. Just enough so I was above instead of right at the budget limit.

I think the best is to find out why it changed, and ask the host if the file they got has the same issue. If it is for example morph issues, it’s possible the challenge host doesn’t experience the problem and actually gets the car how you intended it. And if the host does experience the issue, you can ask if you are allowed to give your car another look, fixing the issue and sending in a revised file.

As like @mart1n2005 said: I don’t think the host will allow a car that is over budget, as that would open up to possible unfair advantages.


i totally understand and that’s great advice! ive asked madcat to review the file i sent and hopefully its still showing under budget for them. the morphs all look normal. its a big possibility that i mightve changed something so that it went over budget. im just gonna have to wait for an answer and see how it is.


alright, problem solved! i just had to adjust the brakes a little to take those $100 off, so now its legal! gonna edit the description now to be accurate

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This is the 1980 AT type-D, this boi has a wheelbase of 2m and it only weight about 680kg. it’s powered by a 1L lnline 3 making 45hp and it has a fwd drivetrain with a 5 speed manual. It can goes over 150km/h and it and goes from 0-100km/h in just 15.8 seconds so that you are not slow as a ferry. It has a fuel economy of 8.4L/100km and it only cost you $12100 and a services cost of $534.5 so that you don’t need sell your kidneys. It has a standard interior, a basic AM radio and you can fit 4 peoples in this tiny boi. It also won’t get you killed in a small crash too!

model showed here are with extra additions which cost you about $800

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imagine this is a very posh text and that it says ahb alberto g54m-5

yes this is what our fella will be driving, a 1979 outdated but reliable as fuck spanish hatchback.
it makes whatever horsepower along with some torques. consumes idk, fucking 7L/100km, has enough trunk so you can hide all your mental issues and have some space left for beer.

it’s not cheap but it’s not expensive either, 10500$ iirc

yes the fucking car is in assetto corsa

if you wanna download and drive it, here’s the link to it



Henry wants a cheap car, and so he’s gonna get a cheap car. Introducing the 1980 Hinode Rusa 1200, upgraded slightly for the Finnish market. It’s got an engine, seats, and enough room for a second home in case Henry can’t keep up with his rent. It also has a locking diff for the icy roads, and slightly more safety than its Asian cousin because Yurop.

Cheap price and cheap maintenance. Only $9840 for a car that will last 50+ years in tropical conditions, at least.

Van and pickup models are also available, but Henry’s probably gonna opt for the MPV because it’s comfier than the van and pickup.

More Pics

*with aftermarket modifications

*with aftermarket modifications




Also, you will be allowed to drive faster than 80 which is the limit for light commercial vehicles in Finland. :stuck_out_tongue:


1983 Birch Luistin

It’s shit.

The color’s named “minty puke”

These fun facts were approved by the higher-ups at Birch.


1984 Kaizen TRI9o

origin trim

The base level trim of the newly introduced 1984 Kaizen TR series

Subject to change


because my previous ad was rather low effort, I had to try something else.

so i made low effort video!

I’m poor so I didn’t remove the watermark



1983 Darrah Styrus 1190L

The recent facelift of a 1975 model, the new Styrus features a brand new 1190cc I4, with a newly developed fuel injection system for optimal fuel economy! A step up from the I3 base model, the 1190L features such luxuries as two mirrors! A heated rear screen! Even a radio and cassette player! $11,600.

The Stryrus - almost the worst option!



1984 Alaen Adora 1.4

Proof that nobody should feel cheap about buying a cheap car:

  • Striking design
  • Premium interior
  • Eco friendly economical engine with fuel injection
  • 4-wheel disc brakes
  • Alloy wheels
  • Power steering

Spending 13K has never felt to good.
Alaen Motors - Passion Created


'84 GEC GC2 1.6i

It’s got all the mod cons you’d expect from a car in the class above - power steering, air-con, stereo, 4-wheel disc brakes and multi-point EFI - for just $13,000.


82’ Katsuro Vazda 150 L

SIngle Barrel Carb, 1.5L, 12.3k