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From riches to rags (One off-challenge)

82’ Navis SDV1 1800S
̶N̶o̶ ̶c̶h̶a̶n̶c̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶w̶i̶n̶n̶i̶n̶g̶ Navis. Something different.

Potato pics

P. S. It’s been a while since my last participation, so how do you guys make those fancy shots with car lights on?


It’s just the glow patches placed over the lights at the front. You could photoshop it though.

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One Henry knows what another Henry wants best

There’s no reason to cheap out with a cheap car: that’s why the Kadett Club GXE exists. For just 26500FIM, the GXE comes equipped with an advanced 8-track player, power steering and Kadett’s latest 4-cylinder, a 1.4 liter engine which provides fuel consumption and some acceleration.

Visit your local Kadett dealership today to test drive the all-new 1983 Kadett Club.



1981 Legion Sparrow 1400

It sure is a car


The Mk1 Legion Sparrow was designed by Legion UK and first introduced in 1965, and went into production in Legion’s factories in Bristol, UK; Uusikaupunki, Finland; and Sabadell, Spain. A strong seller, it recieved a pair of facelifts in 1969 and 1974, while Legion UK worked on a FWD Mk2 Sparrow as a replacement. That work came to an abrupt halt in 1975, when economic turmoil, poor labor relations, and internal competition from Japanese Homura products led the execs at Turból to shut down Legion’s UK branch. Production of the Sparrow continued in Spain and Finland, and European sales remained respectable, winning over buyers with it’s robust construction, reliability, and low cost.

In 1981, the Mk1 Sparrow soldiered on with a 3rd facelift, which included a modernized front fascia in line with other Legion offerings of the time, and a redesigned interior.


Our new PZS Mistral is a glorious example of the thriving Eastern Bloc engineering and industry. Just as befits such a modern symbol of socialist thought supremacy it is an effect of a collective effort of our leading engineers and satisfied, highly qualified workers. Our rationally planned 1.4-litre engine gives all the working class the power they equally deserve, while efficiently dealing with fuel - just as a perfect communist society deals with its needs and resources. Our Mistral contains all the advancements that fulfill the needs of a socialist citizen, yet are denied them in the inferior capitalist products. And we worked tirelessly to provide our finest product also to those unfortunate proletarians living under capitalist regimes, for a price they could afford despite suffering constant exploitation.

Actual normal pics


the Anhultz Mimas

Comfortable Economy


An old man approaches Henry while he’s doing his morningly jog.
-Hey boy, I heard you’re looking for a car!
-Yes I am, how do you know about it, and who are you?
-That doesn’t really matter. I can’t drive anymore, so I’m passing away my old car, and you seem like a nice boy. Wanna see it? It’s parked down the street.
-Sure, let’s go.
As both approached the blue metal box, Henry confusingly exhales:
-Is … this one?

-Oh boy, don’t make that face, It’s a nice car! It’s a 1980 Bridgell Tupi! It may not have all that fancy features like those modern cars, like a radio, a big engine, but it will get you going, and you’ll not have to give me all the money you’re saving to move from home!
-Oh, don’t worry about that.
-Ok, how much do you want for this thing?
-Five grand will do.
-Seriously? There must be something wrong with this car.
-There ain’t. Wanna drive it?
-Maybe later.
-Ok, here’s my phone number. Call me when you wanna test it!

They gave eachother an uneasy handshake and go their merry ways.

40 mulepower
0 in most stats
no desirability whatsoever
WILL brake your back
but 5 grand is 5 grand.
I know the pics doesn’t make much sense with the story. I’m submitting minutes away from the deadline.
Will take suggestions for changing the hideous tail lights.


Alrighty, I’ll close the submissions now few hours too late but whatevurr I’ll start judging the cars soon, and the first round will come around soon™ as well! (:


I realized that a bunch of things changed, some of it thanks to @MGR_99


Passion shouldn’t be a luxury

1984 Kaizen TRI9o

Some context

The “origin” trim is the base level trim of the newly introduced 1984 Kaizen TR series, mainly for business and budget use, being essentially the stripped out version. Power still comes from a revised version of the carryover 1.5L SOHC 4v, now with a new catalytic converter design, that powers all base level TRs. This accompanies both a SOHC 4v and DOHC 4v version of the same engines, also carried over and revised. All normal TR series still use the space efficient and lightweight front MacPherson strut and rear torsion beam that previous TRs used, although the VTR still sticks with a race derived 4 wheel double wishbone independent suspension.

Specs and images


1984 Kaizen TRI9o

Front-engine, front-wheel-drive, 4-passenger, 3-door hatchback
Armo 3v 15B2R4
Naturally aspirated SOHC 12-valve I4, iron block and head, multi port electronic fuel injection, 86 AKI
1.5L, 91 cu in, 1499 cc
87.2 hp @ 5700 rpm
88.9 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
5-speed manual
Suspension (F/R): MacPherson strut/torsion bar
Brakes (F/R): 6.9-in vented disc/6.3-in solid disc
Tires: 165/70R-13 85U (No speed limiter)
Wheelbase: 97.6 in
Length: 154.7 in
Width: 66.1 in
Height: N/A
Passenger volume: 73.5 cu ft with rear seats up
Trunk volume: 16 cu ft with rear seats up
Curb weight: 2036.5 lb
Zero to 62 mph: 10.39 sec
50 to 75 mph: 8.04 sec
Standing ¼-mile: 17.70 sec
Standing 1 km: 32.26 sec
Braking, 62–0 mph: 132.2 ft
Roadholding, 66-ft-dia skidpad: 0.856 g
Roadholding, 656-ft-dia skidpad: 0.810 g
Combined: 28.6 US mpg

Some 1985 MY sport versions to aspire to

Kaizen TRI11s

A 109 hp 1.5L SOHC 16 valve warm hatch with a 14 inch alloy rims wrapped in larger sport tires, LSD, and uprated chassis, suspension, antilock brakes, and interior.

Kaizen VTRIs

135 hp 1.5L DOHC 16 valve hot hatch with an experimental race-derived 4 wheel double wishbone independent suspension and 15 inch alloy rims with larger sport tires, antilock brakes, LSD, and other upgrades.

Kaizen VTRIs Tsukuba Package

The track special of the range, featuring a stripped out interior, deleted rear seat, experimental carbon fiber hood, additional vents for the intake, cooling, and brakes, upsized sport tires on 15 inch alloy rims, high performance antilock brakes, a race-derived 4 wheel double wishbone independent suspension, a 1.5L DOHC 16 valve I4 engine been tuned to 142 hp, shorter gear ratios for the 5 speed manual with LSD, and other upgrades.

RTR Judging schedule

Here is the deal: the RTR results aren’t getting here quite soon yet, but here is a rough schedule for the judging rounds.

first round, the :wastebasket: round I am going to post during this week, and it will include the cars that did not meet the rules, or look unrealistic/ very low effort. Judging design is subjective so feel free to post the salt here if you think I am being unfair, but with this many cars (thanks for so many entries <3) I have to be a lil bit harsh, as the really low effort/unproportioned cars are not going to be very competitive among the better ones. These cars will be binned out of character, so it’s me typing it and not… me typing it as Henry.

After we have visited bin city, it’s the time for the actual preliminaries. I think I will split the prelims into 2 or 3 rounds, and I am quite sure I will get them done during this and the next week. These will be, of course, judged in-character, so it’s me speaking through Henry’s mouth.

After the preliminaries have been released, it’s time to move on to the f i n a l s, fun right? I have absolutely no idea how many cars there will be in the finals, depends on how competitive cars you have made! This round will be probably done in 2-3 weeks, this might seem slow but my dumbass didn’t realize that I have an exam week soon so… yeah, I have stuff like procrastination and being anxious about the exams but doing nothing productive higher in my priorities.

I also learned how to use CSS editing in my posts now so now my posts will probably look like something ripped out of a sloppily made website from 1999! Neat, isn’t it?




If you mean the bin round I definitely will! But not now as I have stuff to do that I have been procrastinating about for the past 4 days! :slight_smile:


when ready
when ready


I appreciate your transparency. Maybe I should adopt something similar lol


Can I already start complaining about being binned?


I expected to be binned so this isn’t a surprise.

Oops…thought we were doing binning! :rofl:


Binned car owners will have to get a virtual beer together.
I’m “buying”


Send the link to the bar!


It’s a bit empty now, but it is the pandemic season :slight_smile:


what is it with everyone and their beer?
I’m not drinkin’…

(note: i don’t care if/ how much people drink, as long as they accept me not wanting to drink as well)