Further Track and Car Options

So I know that the main focus of this game is designing and selling the vehicle, but at the same time I think we all love the test tracks and comparing how well our vehicles are doing.

On that, I have a few questions about further expansion of the test track.

  1. I see that you guys are making the chassis setup much more basic, I was wondering if you have thought more about allowing more in depth chassis and transmission configuration like GT6 or Forza? While this isn’t a racing game, the chassis and how the car is designed to handle is just as important as the power and looks. This can also affect sales if you forget to ensure that your chassis setup works well in rainy conditions and suddenly 30% of your sales are lost since there is a report of people driving your vehicle getting in major crashes this winter.

  2. On the affect of weather, will you be adding weather conditions to the test track?

  3. When it comes to adding conditions to the test track, will there be different road types we can choose from either for the track designing or when we drive on the track? For Example: Natural dirt, loose gravel, dirt trail, gravel trail, basic pavement, street pavement, highway pavement, and race pavement.

  4. Do you plan on using the tracks further in the game or will they just be there for testing purposes? It would be nice to see how your company does against others in different racing divisions.

  5. Do you have any plans to make the test tracks 3D so we can see our cars in action?

  1. Too much micromanagement really. I dont think you should be penalized for such a thing in such a dramatic way. I think it currently is fine as it is, eventhough, it does make sense.
  2. What difference would it make adding weather? Basically, you can be glad that there IS a testtrack. Weather conditions might be good, but it all comes down to the part where your car always ends up braking 10 more meters in rainy conditions for example. It doesnt really fluctuate that much.
  3. I think they spoke about different road conditions yes. Especially on- and offroad.
  4. If im not mistaken, they will only suit testing. Though, I see this being implemented maybe in the MP version where you get to build a car in 20 minutes and then it gets raced on different tracks to see how it performs.
  5. Not until they make a lot of money as the game becomes a success.

Thanks for the answers. I really hope this game hits it off, I think there are so many features that are just too difficult to add in at this point and I’m glad to see that there has been a lot of thought to what is in and what I’m out. The first isn’t even out and I already can’t wait for two.