Futuristic Cars (inspired by Cyberpunk, 5th element...)

Inspired by CyberPunk 2077, I decided to create some cars.

Here are some of my creations :slight_smile:

First off, the Railton Intricata.

Release date: 2048

1100hp and 1086Nm, from a twin turbo V10.

(The “ring” shape is the result of a bug, there should have been a camera there, you’ll see why in the next picture)

Yup, no glass. Holographic display all the way!
Multiple cameras insure total video coverage of your surroundings. That added to the VR effects the screens provide, you’re sure to be safe even at Intricata’s top speed (425km/h).

The Excelsior™ Wheel technology allows the car to be seen better from the sides (also, they look super cool.)
Carbon Ceramic brakes (6/4 pistons) allow the Intricata to go from 100-0 in 31m.

3D printed Lightweight titanium and carbon fiber is used all around the car, reducing the weight to 1200kg (Dry).

Oh, and, what says future like “digital door handles”?

The rear of the Intricata sports a singular strip of light, acting as braking/running lights, and turn signals, encased in a massive exposed carbon piece.
If you pay attention to the exhaust, you’ll see that it bears the same design as the front grille. That’s the kind of design you can expect from a 4,000,000 Euro car.

Here are some more pictures from the Intricata, to let you imagine how it would feel to own such a car.


Would appreciate any kind of feedback ! be sure to tell me


The amazing thing about CP lore is the amount of different cars to create. This is one of the vertents I love to see but wont make myself. As aways, I prefer to create futuristic cheap cars. The flow of the lines on the front bumper is almost perfect and contrasts really well with the clean cabin. Maybe some dark detail or vents on the side skirts would break the boredom of the sides a little. The rear is also nicelly detailed. Maybe a little more flow on 3rd brake light would make it look better, it just starts and ends a little abruplty. THe rework of the rear is also nicelly implemented. Overall a great looking and CP lore compliant car.

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Thanks a lot! I did try my best ahah

I’ll rework the front bumper and rear lights, i’ll post it here in a few moments!

Although I like the sides being plain, i’ll admit it looks a bit dull, will have to think about it :wink:

Thanks a lot anyways man

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The use of covered windows means that it actually reminds me of the COFFIN system from the Ace Combat universe, where a network of external cameras replaces a conventional canopy. In dark red, it would effectively be an ADF-01 Falken for the road!

Had no idea what you were talking about so I looked it up, and the aesthetic of the “plane?” is super cool, might use it in future projects ahah

For reference, here is the exterior of the Falken:

And this is what it looks like from the inside:

According to official lore, the Falken had an early version of the COFFIN system that relied on eye movements and voice commands instead of the pilot’s thoughts - I assume the Intricata has a similar mechanism for its cockpit.


2068 Crest Tornavento S


  • DOHC-60 5.6L TTV12 (1010bhp/1100Nm)
  • 9spd adv. auto transmission
  • 0-100 3s
  • 404km/h top speed
  • 2.3M base price

2069 Crown Helios


  • DOHC-60 4.5L TTV10 (750bhp/800Nm)
  • 7spd dual clutch transmission
  • 0-100 3.7s
  • 360km/h top speed
  • 1.6M base prise
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Here’s a side project I’ve been working on for the past weeks. I’ll not be working on it anymore, so I think it’s time to post it. I’ve imagined how my Brasilia would look as a CP2077 economy class vehicle. Most of the details were taken from the Thorton Galena and Silverhand’s 911, plus some additions from myself. Some of those mods are making their way into the real car, so keep an eye on it’s topic!

VW_Brasilia_-_CP77.car (210.7 KB)


Wheeeew she’s a looker, the detail is amazing!!

Great job dude, really


Hello, may I park here?

Daylight pictures


Barge Moment + light interior shit


Bro, I already told you, you did the best job on these wheels.

Yo we’re about to have a parking full of great looking cars if y’all continue posting good stuff like that :wink:



Yet again you do wonders ahah

I’ll be parking my Arrera GT next to y’all then

It’s a two door 4 seater 800hp coupe.

Edit: color-coded front fascia.