Futuristic Wagon Challenge [RESULTS OUT]

Futuristic Wagon Challenge


16th January 2021 - Denver Automotives HQ, Denver, Colorado.

In a meeting held in the corporate headquarters, the CEO of Denver Automotives and other staff members discussed their desire to “reborn” the company’s identity by creating an outrageous, futuristic, and eye-catching model, much as they did in the 1970s and before.

They collectively made the decision to create a station wagon again, namely the Denver Sunset Cruiser or the design house can use new name for their new station wagon model for 2023 line-up.

It atleast must be futuristic, and capable of inspiring people to purchase station wagons once more.


  • Any body is allowed as long as it looks like a station wagon so obviously no sedans and convertible body.
  • The trim and model year has to be 2020 but make the car looks like for 2023 lineup.
  • No engine needed because it’s just purely on design.
  • No drivetrain requirements but if you’re decided to make FWD station wagon somehow, you better make me convinced your drivetrain is somewhat plausible.
  • Interior design is not required but i’m not stopping you guys to make one and i will look into it if there’s one.
  • Please no meme build or low effort build, i’ll kindly not accepting those and can be discarded the moment i look at it.
  • Only one entry per participants
  • Max wheelbase is 3.0m


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Design - Since they are making a “Big Bang” for station wagon market, they wanted to make sure the design is like really eye-catching and just really beautifully design in general.

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Design Language - Denver wanted to make the new car somewhat resembles to other Denver’s line-up but if you wanted to make your own design language, make sure it looks like a Denver car.


Wood Paneling - Putting wood paneling on 2020’s car doesn’t look right and weird, the company were curious on how the designer will pull this design element if it works. It’s just a throwback for previous Sunset Cruiser model.

Engine & Drivetrain - Although they got their own drivetrain and engine for their new station wagon, the designer house can feel free to use their own mock-up drivetrain and engine.

Previous Denver Sunset Cruiser line-up


2020's Denver line-up

cars 2


cars 3 electric boogaloo

(yes this is considered as station wagon by Toyota themselves)



Ends in 21st January 2023 (Kuala Lumpur time)

Naming Convention

both of model and engine family name : FWC - (Your Username Here)
Trim Name : Name of your car
Variant Name : Free

I only accept the entries through forum’s DMs only, unless you got technical problems, you can send your .car file through my Discord which is HybridTronny#2360 or just let me know which platform are you sending the .car file.


This would make for a great CSC, but given that the next one hasn’t yet begun (and you didn’t enter the most recent one anyway), you made a good choice by making it into its own stand-alone challenge.

All I heard was “wagon” and I’m in.

I forgot to mention but the entries are now open!

UPDATE : Added the maximum wheelbase length

uhhhhh hate to be abg, but this is rounded right?


Are electric vehicles allowed?

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Does it need to be more futuristic than the other Denver models, or can it use that design language?

Yep they are allowed

Also, we DM you the design, right?

Yeah with .car file included ofc

2023 Denver Nexus

The brand new 2023 Nexus represents the next step in full-size wagons. Though not as impressively long as the Sunset Cruisers of old, the Nexus will certainly fit everything you want and more, with great passenger and cargo room. A 2.5 liter turbocharged engine provides an ample 280 hp, with a plug-in hybrid releasing at a later date.


Feel bad about bugging you, but you working on results?


4th April 2021 - Denver Automotives HQ, Denver, Colorado

Denver has been able to obtain four proposals from different internal design studios, and we’ll see which Sunset Cruiser successors will win over the CEOs and the big-suited men.

Thank god for low amount of people joining this challenge, aint got no time for 50 cars to review lol

@ketchup66 - Denver Sunset Cruiser

First impression? It looks somewhat German, somewhat what we vee see on European streets that people use as wagen. Horribly bad puns aside, the front fascia is waay to slopy for some odd reason, not a car like this. Wedgy Italian cars, sure but not on a station wagon.

Other than wedgy front, the front is a bit to messy especially that unaccesary plastic strips on the side vents.

Moving to the side, i’m not sure why there’s a door vent on a station wagon like this. It looks like it’s just slapped on, very unusual. But on the plus side, there is one big panoramic sunroof so atleast kids can look up at the sky during long road trip. Other than that, I’m not sold on chrome strips on the side, it doesn’t look right on this car and supposedly it’s a luxury car but doesn’t look like one.

The rear is neat, love every details on it except the indent molding as it doesn’t look connected and love the diffuser and damn, the exhaust is stupidly small for a car like this.

Final results? Not qualified because it has that pedestrian looking car to it which is i’m not looking for and too wedgy front.

@the-chowi - Denver Nexus 300W

Wowee, this car sure makes your eyes glued to it, very pretty, eye-catching and modern. I know they’re trying to give the SUV look on a station wagon but i must say, they managed to make it right.

What bothers me is the headlight and the side vent doesn’t line up each other, ruins the line flow, in my humble opinion. The headlight could push outward more if it’s possible but that’s just a little nitpicking. And looking at the car from front again the headlights looks awkward position and size-wise, could go a bit bigger.

Did i forget to mention that this is an electric car? The name 300W sure implies one. Smooth segue aside, the EV battery cap thingy is a bit close to the wheel arch. Moving to the back,i like the diffuser, creative usage of that flowy mold pieces combined with simple grille down behind it.

The tailight is a bit too high on the rear fascia, don’t you think? The tailight also could be more dynamic instead of just one solid tailight, it’s a bit bland. Overall, it looks nice and not so pedestrian looking compared to the previous one.

Will i consider it? Yes, i will consider it, meets all the criteria that i’ve been looking for.

@Daze - 2023 Wagon

First impression, it is a damn sleek futuristic station wagon. Second impression, it doesn’t look like it belongs in a Denver, looks somewhat European. Third impre- okay enough. This car seriously suffers “Lack Fixtures” Syndrome. Not saying that’s a bad thing but i had higher expectations for this one.

It is seriously lacks of molding everywhere on the car, looks very flat. The front side vent is so flat, needs to go deeper than that. It looks like futuristic yet outdated at the same time. Same goes to the rear, it lacks fixtures and molding here and there and the randomly slapped plate holder ain’t gonna help the design either.

It has fully built interior and immediately i’m not selling it. It has 80’s interior with modern 2020’s seat in it. I appreciate the effort but this ain’t it.

Will i consider it? Sadly, no. It has potential but the effort was not there.

@ldub0775 - Denver Sunset

First impression, hilariously outdated looking station from the standpoint. The front is so mid 2010’s and generic looking which is not what i’m looking for. Unique side molding atleast, thought it’s just the same molding as the-chowi’s.

Coming to the rear… oh boy, it’s not looking so great. The tailight’s hilariously outdated, clear crystal tailight is not a trend as in for 2023 models. Sure, there is some cars with crystal clear tailights but they executed better than this one. Besides, Where’s the diffuser, why the bumper’s so empty? It still manages to keep that outdated styling theme.

Interior wise, the colour scheme is not that bad but why is the headrest from the 80’s and the attempt to do custom pattern on the seats is not very well made, it doesn’t look comfortable to seat on. Overall, the interior is below average.

Did i forgot to mention the exhaust is comically huge?

Will i consider it? Heavens no, this car is hilariously outdated inside and outside. If this car sent to the challenge where it sets in late 2000’s, sure i can accept it but this challenge sets in the 2020’s, keep that in mind for future scenario.

The Results

Congratulations to @the-chowi for winning for managed to satisfied and managed to check all the criteria for this challenge!

2nd : @ldub0775
3rd : @ketchup66
4th : @Daze

Thank you for joining this half-assed challenge and congrats to all!


“wow this car looks hilarious and outdated”

You’re 2nd because you put alot of effort on your entry compared the two others.

Yeah it’s outdated and such but if the-chowi’s not entering, i would’ve pick your car and modify it to make more modern ofc. Just be happy that you’re 2nd.


no im happy that im second and the car was fun to build, i just thought the dissonance between the review and the placement was funny lol

For participating in such a challenge for the first time, I’m also happy with the last place :smiley: I agree with your criticism. I’m sorry to say that the winning car has nothing of station wagon for me. From the shape it resembles a Mercedes EQE SUV. Well, opinions are different.