Fwd & 4x4

Hello, just watched the Sep. 5th Dev Update and had a question about something mentioned in the video - Hope I get my point across clearly here… If not, ask me to clarify.

When you, Killrob, touched on the 4x4 option, you mentioned that the car would basically be have as a “rear wheel drive” car when in 2WD mode, then be locked into a 50/50 full-time four-wheel drive when the imaginary lever was moved. Great, dandy, we’ve wanted this drivetrain option.

My question is what about a transverse engine FWD car with a 4x4 option? Subaru had manually selectable 4WD that was FWD in it’s 2WD mode, so did Honda, and I believe Mitsubishi/ Dodge (DSM, whatever you want to call them) - so my main question is whether or not this will be a feature or not, and if so, now or later? Yes, the Subaru is technically a long. FWD, but it was mentioned that long. FWD would eventually be a choice for us. Also, what about a mid/rear engined car with a selectable transfer case? I know of a few AWD cars with mid/rear motors, although I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen one with a manual t-case outside of purpose built off-roaders…

So, yes, that. I just wasn’t sure if you only mentioned “RWD” because the vehicle you had for an example was a FR with a long. engine, or if that was literally the only way we could do the “4x4” drivetrain option.

For now we will only have the 4x4/RWD option. I asked around why that is and the car people in here said that it would have to be a longitudinal FWD setup as a basis for the 4x4/FWD variant, there is no transverse front 4x4 we know of. The longitudinal FWD probably will make it into the game later on, which also allows dedicated offroader chassis that have 4x4/FWD, but for now that doesn’t have a very high priority.

For what it’s worth, the Honda Civic and DSM models I mentioned were transverse FWD, with manually selectable 4x4.


Nope, the talon/laser/eclipse were all front wheel drive except for the top trim which was full time AWD, same for the stealth/3000gt. the old civic wagon had 4wd or fwd depending on trim level. No trim for any had front wheel drive with selectable 4wd,

the only thing that i can think of with selectable 4x4 from FWD is the 1gen Fiat Panda 4x4

My parents had 80s Subarus, awesome little FWD/4x4 cars (if you can keep them going) although FYI NEVER get the GL-10, that engine liked to warp heads, it doesnt like the turbo very much.

Nialloftara - The DSM I was talking about was not the Talon/Laser/Eclipse, but the Dodge Colt, which I thought was the same as a Mitsubishi Colt, but it’s actually apparently a Mitsubishi Chariot, oh well, my mistake on that - That said, they were availiable with a four-wheel drive option, but I’m having trouble getting clarification as to whether or not it was part-time or full-time. Fun fact: You could get them with a two-stick manual, one still was a four speed, the other was a two speed, so 8-speed twin-stick manual, my old friend had one, piece of crap. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitsubishi_Chariot

Now that I think of it, it might have been the Eagle Vista. I know they could come in 4WD, but I can’t recall if it was selectable or not…

Also, yes, yes you could have a Civic with a manually selectable 4x4 option - neat thing about it, it had a five/six speed manual gearbox, but the sixth gear was only availiable in 4WD - If you were in the extra low gear, then shifted the transfer case to 2WD, it would boot you to neutral. Odd that it says “button on the dash,” though, I always remembered their being an L-shaped lever next to the e-brake handle. 80s Civics are on my list of dream cars - Argue all you want, I’ve driven the car, 70s/80s Japanese models are my favorite types of cars.

Scroll to the bottom, Honda Civic Wagon: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_Civic_(third_generation)

4th gen (EF) Civics had the 4WD wagon, too, also manually selectable. Here’s a nice shot of one…

(Drops microphone)

whoa, I’d never seen the third gen civic wagons, my buddy had a 4th gen back in high school with the full time 4wd, how the hell did that civic system work?
As for the colts they were full time 4wd.

To be honest, I don’t know!

I’d love to find out, but I never had the chance to climb under one and take a look. Maybe sometime this week I’ll get a chance to take a look (only have internet at work, on a break right now) and try to find some diagrams or something, or I’ll get lucky and find one in a junk yard sometime. Another thing, wiki lists 4WD options on Civics up until the '05 redesign, so I wonder how many there are out there, but be pretty rare…

Still, precedent has been found and provided to the team. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well from 87 on it was full time 4wd so 4th gens had 4wd as a trim not as a selectable , I wonder if it’s like the current crv, where the rear dif is viscous and will only engage when the computer senses front wheel slip, so the old civic would have a solenoid or vacuum system to evenge the rear diff… But that would leave the center driveshaft still spinning under 2wd…

Cry = CR-V?

And yeah, my guess is vacuum, that’s how the Subarus did it, too - Japan loved vacuum in those days.

I had a 2003 Ford Maverick (Ford Escape in Canada & USA) that was FWD most of the time but could be locked manually into a 60/40 split. As it had a Haldex diff though I guess it would be classed as AWD rather than 4*4. The 2.0 L Zetec-SE lump was mounted transversely too.

Yeah awd/4wd that is fwd until it detects slip then transfers power to the rear is not selectable awd/4wd,the ones with a button usually just engages or locks the center diff so that the power is always split front and rear. Most car based awd systems work that way to improve fuel economy, an exception is Subaru’s symmetrical awd which is always engaged but that’s why they have always suffered in the economy department over others cars of similar power and weight.

Just like the Golf R and the A-Class A45 AMG