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Welcome to FWM
"For the Spirited Driver in All of Us."

Factory W Motorworks [A company full of Madlads], was founded by a couple of good friends with experience in the aftermarket performance market. Together they had founded the company using their skill sets and knowledge back in 1994. Our engines and chassis and bodies are designed and built in house with highly skilled welders and machinists in the trade. Our brand mainly focuses on light and high performance coupes and sedans with spirited drivers in mind. From the Senso, the Aster and the punchy Rikka. Each with their specific 3 levels of trims and performance. The humble and efficent ES line. The punchy and agile GS line, and then the all out, in your face AE line.
We hope you take a liking to our models with intent for more to come. We are a growing company after all. So come on down and ask for a test drive.


The Amalia line looks like it can give the BRZ/86 and MX-5 a run for their money, at least; in GS trim it could even put them all to shame.

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Introducing the 2020 FWM Rikka AE
A Small lightweight turbocharged coupe suited for the enthusiast.


The Aster looks very much like a shrunken supercar, and its use of a longitudinally mid-mounted engine bears this out. Looking at the intake configuration and how widely spaced the cylinder banks are, I’m sure it’s powered by none other than a 90-degree V6 - it’s not as smooth as a 60-degree V6 or even a straight-six, but it provides a lower center of gravity than either. Also, I expect this engine to be twin-turbocharged - I can see a pipe running from the intakes to the intercooler.

FWM Niratius
The Reliable, Premium Performance Estate.

It’s got a 6.9L RWD Pushrod V8 in it. image


The FWM Raven GS350


A Collaboration between Suisei and FWM. We bring you our flagship V10 supercar.
Introducing the X-Prototype.

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The new 2021 FWM Aspen
A premium family midsize now with RWD V8 performance.


“Sometimes an Exciting Dark City could use a Exciting Electric.”
Our All Electric Sport Coupe
The 2021 FWM Fervent

FWM - “For the Spirited Driver in All of Us.”


Got a good IRL job gig coming up.
I’m going in to Renewable Energy. Building, maintaining, and climbing 300ft wind turbines.
Traveling all across the United States where there is work and projects happening.
It’s good pay also.
Automation is just one of my many hobbies while madness was happening around me. I let my cars do the talking with their aggressive, high torque performance and hope some of you liked them.
Although I could say a bunch of things about the community, I know myself that a lot of others don’t like my upbringing /views /sense of humor and they put me on perma-mute on the AOD so I don’t offend them. To which I just don’t care.
I’m a 33 year old US Army Veteran with a shit ton of knowledge and experience, so I am quite different than a majority of y’all.
I may build cars on my spare time, but I’m mainly doing other things that have given me a better experience. So for those that have been able to put up with this madlad, I appreciate it.
FWM has gone from it’s insane TVR’esque point of view to a premium, reliable and very safety oriented while having that aggressive performance standpoint. FWM will still be around when I get that time for myself. Especially when v5 comes out with Superchargers. Then my V8s will see you again.


A Radical Coupe with a new 2022 Style


The 2023 FWM Garand

No Turbo
No All Wheel Drive
No Fancy Automatic Gear Box
No Active Aero Gimmicks

Just You, A Big V8, a 6 Speed Manual Gearbox to the Rear Wheels and a Advanced Tuned Independent Suspension


I’ve made a rather mad management decision for my car brand
The FWM Car Brand going forward will only be offered in a manual transmission
We don’t deny that there is anything wrong with the modern automatic
We just believe that for a more connected driving experience, a manual is the best bet
Yes… we are insane, but there is a reason why our brand slogan is
“For the Spirited Driver in All of Us.”

Into the Niche High Performance Crossover Market
with a 450hp 5.3L RWD V8
FWM presents the Browning CS

“For the Spirited Driver In All Of Us.”


Recently I’ve been going through a brand refresh from my previous work.
Brand new cars, new names, new engineering decisions and challenges and a cleaner / sharper and farther detailed designs that I can produce at my current level.
FWM’s Market is for the Niche Clients
Our machines have premium quality while giving you a proper feel for the road, with a strong and powerful engine, advanced suspension tuning and our vehicles only deliver with a 6 speed manual transmission [unless there’s a CSR where the client doesn’t know how to drive a stickshift…], we had advanced in safety and technology for peace of mind and comfort.
All in all, we are looking forward to making quality, reliable machines at a decent price, with performance on par with those of supercars, yes the entire line-up that is…

Here is a list of our current lineup and what is to come, including our Cascadia Truck Lineup coming soon.
[x] FWM Garand - Full Size Sedan

[x] FWM Ruger - Midsize Sedan

[x] FWM Browning - Midsize Crossover

[x] FWM Berretta - Full Size Crossover

[x] FWM Armalite - Hot Hatch

[x] FWM Gatling - Sports Coupe

[x] FWM Derringer - Micro / Kei Coupe

[ ] FWM Barrett - Flagship Car

[ ] Cascadia Rainier - 3/4 Ton Full Size Pickup

[ ] Cascadia Helens - 1/2 Ton Pickup

[ ] Cascadia Shasta - Full Size SUV

[ ] Cascadia Garibaldi - Midsize SUV

[ ] Cascadia Baker - Commercial Van

It won’t be the last time you will see different variants of these machines… just wait until we invest in supercharging in the near future…

See You Next Time…

Vena.Sera423 - FWM Founder and President

FWM - “For the Spirited Driver In All Of Us.”


Car Spotlight
The FWM Ruger

FWM brings you a family of performance level midsize sedans.
Introducing the Ruger
Our Ruger’s feature 6 different choices of engine packages, along with a 4 door estate along with a Wagon variant.
Of course all of our models, only come available with a manual transmission indeed.
A balance of power, suspension, reliability, safety and technology has been heavily implemented in every Ruger we make.

Our Trims Are As Follows;

GS-4 : Our base model that focuses on economy and premium quality, featuring a 220hp 2.5L 4cyl Engine.
MSRP - Sedan : $20,000 / Wagon : $22,500

GS-4T : A step up to the GS-4 using a 310hp 2.5L Turbo 4cyl.
MSRP - Sedan : $25,000 / Wagon : $27,500

GS-6 : We dropped in a 4.0L V6 that produces 305hp to the Rear Wheels.
MSRP - Sedan : $30,000 / Wagon : $32,500

GS-6T : This one features a 2.8L Twin Turbo V6 that knocks out 365hp.
MSRP - Sedan : $35,000 / Wagon : $37,500

GS-8 : Our flagship Premium model using a 4.8L V8 making a staggering 423hp to the wheels.
MSRP - Sedan : $40,000 / Wagon : $42,500

GS-8R : This is our balls to the wall entry for the hardcore enthusiast with track days in mind. We went all out with Hard Tuned Suspension, Aero Package and dropping our 5.3L performance tuned V8 that makes 528hp to the Rear Wheels. Oh, and we dropped in a Sequential Gearbox for that extra bit of performance.
MSRP - Sedan Only : $60,000

Currently our Station Wagon Models are under development along with a few more exciting colors.
For now, we hope you’re interested in coming in and giving our Ruger’s a look, maybe take it for a spin… We reasonably price our Ruger’s so anyone can pick one of their choosing in to their entry for the performance premium market. We’ll bring out a driver in you.

FWM - “For the Spirited Driver In All Of Us.”


Introducing The FWM Gatling SC
The High Performance Super Coupe

FWM “For the Spirited Driver In All Of Us.”



FWM Berretta

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FWM’s Engine Selection

Our Notorious V8s

Our Rowdy V6s

Our Burbly Inline 4s

Our High Strung Inline 3 Turbos