FYI to those who don't have Assetto Corsa yet

It is 50% off until the 22nd. So now is the perfect time to buy it. … _620_4__46

I know Pyrlix and UltimateBMWFan messed around on the ring a few times together, so if many buy it, maybe we can do races and other things. :smiley:



50%? why? middle finger

Anyways yes, it’d be fantastic if more people would buy it, we could have some fun with community mods too, they have some fantastic driving roads.


I recommend you buy the dream pack for some Nordschleife awesomeness.

Yup I grabbed the package deal.

Would you say it’s better than Project Cars?

I’d say both are just as good. I own both, and I love both. For different reasons though. I like pCars for it’s career mode, I haven’t bothered progressing past the first level in AC’s career mode.

Assetto Corsa is good for the sheer number of community added cars and physics.

I still don’t get why people complain about pCars being arcadey though.

my PC could never handle it lol, it used to be high end, but that was 5 years ago…

I have no idea how the game actually plays. It looks amazing.

That said I saw a video in which a bunch of randoms tried racing around mt panorama in F1 cars… Much hilarity ensued.

Bought… I’ve missed so much online racing… can’t wait to race again…

Got a chance to try it out. Farted around in the career mode’s beginner car, the Abarth 500. Got bored. It feels a bit like Forza for PC.

  1. Remember I have the dream pack. Load up Nordschleife.
  2. Jump into a LaFerrari.
  3. Scream around the track laughing like a maniac at oh my god just how fast is this thing.

Now I have an inkling of what it’s actually like to drive a (very) sub 7 minute around Nordschleife. Bloody terrifying for the most part.