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Galvani Automotive

The horizon is closer than you think.

Coming soon, as a project for my Marketing & Entrepreneurship class. So as a side note, as part of the project, expect a lot of odd information that isn’t neccesarily Automation related. :))



The horizon is closer than you think.

Galvani Automotive LLC is a company based out of Adrian, Michigan, whose mission is to strive to innovate sustainable transportation, and bring it to the forefront of the consumer market with affordable pricing and outstanding customer service.

Simply put, we make electric vehicles for the majority of people to enjoy. Our competitors sell electric vehicles, but put them out of the price range of most people, and sell them as luxury items.

Executive Summary

As a company, we look to expand the market to the homes of ordinary people and families, who wouldn’t normally go out of their way to splurge on a sixty-thousand dollar luxury sedan or SUV solely because it’s electric. Our customers are going to be people that are around the 25-50 year old range, who are either married or part of a dual-income household, possibly with children. They’ll make enough money to lease or finance a new car, but only at the prices you would expect them to be comfortable with - cars from blue collar brands with price tags that appeal to most people.

We plan on launching four new models to start off the brand, including a top of the line sports luxury coupe to showcase the best of the technology we have to offer. Using a trickle-down approach, the expensive features offered in our flagship will slowly make their way into the rest of the lineup (including a compact CUV, midsize SUV, and full size SUV) as standard equipment for little extra cost.

To do this, we plan to purchase and outfit older vehicle manufacturing facilities that have gone unused in recent years. One will be bought in our home state of Michigan, and another in Georgia for easier distribution of models. Once this is complete, Galvani expects to sell a certain number of vehicles each year, ballparking a total of about 250,000 vehicles by the end of the first calendar year.

Customer Profile

Our expected customers will be adults of most ages, typically those younger or middle aged. They live in relatively suburban areas with easy access to nearby cities or plentiful electricity (so they can charge their new car, of course). As aforementioned, they are making in the range of a combined $70-140k range yearly and are able to finance or lease a new vehicle.

Lets say, for instance, Betty. 53 years old. Had a divorce some years ago but is now with her current husband for the past 17 years and has 3 dogs, 1 child with this marriage and 1 from the previous. She works a 9 to 5 job in an office where she’ll stick with it until she can’t take it anymore or can afford to stop. Lives in an older, quirky house just outside of town with gardens looking onto fields at the back. Interested in going electric because she wants something that’s smooth and easy to drive that people might take a second look at.

We will rely heavily on social media advertising, across multiple platforms. Knowing our customer base, we will target streams in Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, along with some TV advertisements and billboards near store locations.

And a massive thank you to @CorsicaUnknown for all his help with thread formatting, and the group shots!!



G3E | Subcompact Crossover


G7E | Fullsize SUV


G5E | Midsize SUV


G9 S | Flagship Sports Car


Galvani G3E

Large promises in a stylish, compact package.

250+ MILES
Est. Range w/ 65 kWh Battery

5.9 s
0-60 Time w/ 65 kWh Battery

65 KWH
Maximum Battery Size

The G3E is your passport to the electric revolution with an estimated 250+ mile range, and all the space, comfort, and versatility you’d expect from a crossover. High-end design meets high-tech, with plenty of standard features that set it apart from the entry level models you expect from other brands.

Starting price, with 65 KWH battery pack.

And big thanks to @titleguy1 or making the CH-R body look as good as it does!!

Galvani G5E

A family SUV that makes every trip worth it.

320+ MILES
Est. Range w/ 75 kWh Battery

6.2 s
0-60 Time w/ 75 kWh Battery

75 KWH
Maximum Battery Size

Family-goers can rejoyce with the G5E model. With a choice of 5 or 7 comfortable seats, you can bring everyone along for an exhilirating ride full of new experiences. This SUV makes sure to announce its arrival, with a wide stance and sharp styling all around.

Starting price with 65 KWH battery pack.


Galvani G7E

With great power, comes great capability.

410+ MILES
Est. Range w/ 105 kWh Battery

5.4 s
0-60 Time w/ 105 kWh Battery

105 KWH
Maximum Battery Size

Sizeable, substancial, and supremely capable. This fullsized 7 or 8 passenger SUV can do it all, and in only one trip. Coming in at the most powerful electric powertrain we have to offer, it's no surprise that this also manages to be one of the most powerful. That means that even when you're fully loaded with responsibilities, you'll be able to get where you need to go with no hesitation.

Starting price with 105 KWH battery pack.


Galvani G9 S

The ultimate expression of self, in electrified form.

550+ MILES
Est. Range w/ 105 kWh Battery

2.8 s
0-60 Time w/ 105 kWh Battery

105 KWH
Maximum Battery Size

The G9 S represents the epitome of what we at Galvani can do. You could have an all-out flashy track car for the road, or you could have a luxury coupe with every feature known to human kind. But if you can have the G9 S, why would you look anywhere else? It comes with everything you expect from both worlds, standard.

Starting price with 105 KWH battery pack.


It may be a pure EV company, but everything in the Galvani lineup has the aesthetics to win over the skeptics. Even so, the absence of EV powertrains in Automation means that you have had to fit them with placeholder engines instead. That aside, their affordability would make them quite tempting in real life.

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Small update, project is complete and presentation went very very well!

I’m gonna continue to expand this brand a bit, I have some more planned :wink: so feel free to comment or question now! Sedans coming soooooon