Game appears uninstalled, but i still have the files

So yesterday i used the game normally. I get on today and I was logged out steam, this seamed weird but, it happens. So I login automation appears uninstalled, so I check the drive and all the files are still there. I have tried closing steam and restarting my pc. I dont have the space to download the game again and (apparently) there was an update of 3GB. Im suspecting a ‘file read’ location change, but i havent seen any others with the issue. Saw some previous posts here with similar problems, but i cant reinstall the game because of storage.

Update, i tried running the game from Steam/steamapps/common/Automation but it gives an error.image

im now thinking it might be a steam fault, but its up to date.

if i ignore the message i can get to the launcher, but none of the mods are even present

So anyway, reinstall the game. Or rather, “reinstall” - if it’s the Steam’s standard issue, then it’ll notice that the game is already installed in that location and just verify, fix and relink everything. I don’t remember having that with Automation (though I once had two copies installed, so maybe), but I had that with another game on Steam and that helped.

BTW, I always wonder how do other people fill up their disks.

so just reinstall steam?

im on my laptom with a 120GB ssd, not much space for games and school programs

It may have something to do with steam just losing the game. that can happen. If you verify files potentially it will find it again, if you go to download it steam should find it anyway and relink itself

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i cant verify the files because steam thinks its not there

and i dont have the space to download it

ill try to clear the download cache

Ugh, no, not Steam, tell Steam to install the game in the same folder as it is now, so during preparation for download it will just find the game and relink it.

And ouch, 120 GB. Yeah, now I wonder how do you manage to have any space at all :smile: I forgot that such weird laptops were made.

im just going to reinstall the whole thing, i have no campaign or anything like that, and i backed up all my cars so im ok, i think

anyway if i tried to download it just says, ‘not enough disk space’ so it wont even let me do that

also its a ~6 yr old laptop, original 240 drive was corrupted, so found a cheep Best Buy 120 and stuck it on bc, it worked