Game Closes while Loading

Hi, my problem is that while Loading, the game freezes and crashes, i tried open it on safemode but it ended up in the same result, can somebody help me
I’m new, so if i miss something i’m sorry, also i’m not an natural English speaker, so sorry if i have some errors

Could you grab the latest log file and post it here? You can get it by hitting that game log button in the game launcher.

I can`t upload the .txt file directly to the forum because i’m a new user, i’ve uploaded it to Google Drive

Thanks for that! The game log states that your system runs out of memory while loading.

Is my reading correct that you are on a 32-bit Windows 7 install with only 4 GB or (partially shared) RAM and 2 GB of VRAM (plus 1.5 GB of shared RAM)? Note that 32-bit operating systems aren’t officially supported.

If that is the case then indeed this would be either at the very limit of being able to run or not run at all. :frowning:
You can try to run either of the legacy versions of the game, the UE4.17 version which you can get by selecting the kee_and_UE4_17 branch of the game from your Steam Library (Properties, Betas, select that branch).
The old Kee engine version will of course work, your system certainly is good enough for that.

So i guess i will have to wait until i buy another PC, thanks a lot for the help :slight_smile: