Game crashes at launch

(I apologize if this problem was already reported before, but I couldn’t find anything similar that worked.)
So, I try to launch Automation, the launcher launches, I get the black screen as usual, and the first images of the loading screen. And suddenly, the game crashes and a BugSplat form appears. I played the game 50+hrs before and it never happened.
I verified the files integrity, updated my drivers, did a full deep scan with Norton and Ccleaner,nothing works. Can somebody help me with that ?

(and sorry for my bad english)

Have you uninstalled and re-installed Automation any time recently?

First thing I’d like you to try is clearing your cache. When you launch Automation, click on “Troubleshooting Tool” in the Launch Options. When that opens up, click “Clear Cache”, then launch Automation.

If that doesn’t work, don’t worry, that’s only the first step in our troubleshooting process.

What launching options ?
When I click on the Automation shortcut, a small window reading “Automation” appears, that’s what I call the launcher. I realized that other people have a window with a “play” button ans probably that “troubleshooting tool”, wich I don’t have when launching the game. Is it normal ?
Also, I did’nt uninstalled and re-installed Automation recently.
I recorded a video of the problem, unfortunately I can’t upload it because I’m a new user.

When you launch the current public version of Automation, you should get a menu pop up asking if you want to launch the game, or enter the Troubleshooting Tool:

If you’ve set the launch option to start Automation by default, you can uncheck that option by right-clicking on Automation, going to Properties, and then in Launch Options, choose “Ask when starting game”.

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Well, I cleared the cache, and the game seems to work perfectly now.
Thanks so much for your help and your short reaction time, and have a nice day !