Game crashes on export car model

After trying to export one of my models to turn into a blueprint to transfer to another game, the game always crashes, and i couldnt find anything on the topic on these forums, the game just straight up stops working and i dont get an error log, or atleast i cant find one.

Is the car finished, as in has all stats and stuff?

If you mean i can test it out on the test track with no problem then yes

Okay, thanks for the info. Do you get a specific error message when the game crashes? Does it crash when pressing the Export button or at some other point in the process?

When i press the button, the game just freeze, cursor turns into loading icon, then around 30 seconds later it says its not responding and just shuts down. there are no exported files in the export folder

To try and figure out what is happening, could you send us the car that you can’t export?

For that you can go to:
Documents\My Games\Automation\Cars
Documents\My Games\Automation\Engines

and copy those two folders to somewhere, remove all the models, trims, families and variants that are irrelevant to the car you want to export, then zip up the two folders and attach that zip in a post here.
With that it will be easy to track down the problem if it reacts the same way here.

Thank you for your help!

Here you go, Might be a compatibility issue with my laptop who knows, i just need this as a blueprint (539 KB)

any luck so far?