Game Crashes on Export

When i try to export my fantasy viper concept car to Beam, my game crashes when its exporting fixtures.
Need help this is the second time this happened. Here is the save file

Are you using any mods on this or is it all vanilla?

I have exactly the same problem : the game crashes on the very beginning of the export, when “initializing fixtures”. I installed the game today, no mod installed.

On this screen.

I just managed to make it work.

I used the “check the game files” in Steam. I now have sound, and the export is working.

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Indeed verifying the game files was a good move, this sounds like the install was broken for some reason.

No its still doing the same thing. It happened in two cars now. Idk what to do so any other help will be appreciated.

I noticed that on other computer its completely okay but i cant use that for beam.NG cuz its really slow and its at my dad place…

Alright, I need @zeussy to take a look at the car for you :slight_smile: thanks!