Game Crashes on Launch (DirectX 11 Only)

When launching the game (e.g. via the launcher or directly from steam) and using DirectX11, the game loads for a few seconds before crashing. However, if I launch the game via DirectX10, the game launches correctly.

This had happened previously, but I was not attempting to play on my laptop for quite some time. Thus, I do not recall if the issue was ever resolved between now and then or if it just came back.

I updated my drivers this week.

I tried to verify all of the redistributables, and I cannot easily try to reinstall DirectX11 without reinstalling the operating system.

I have already tried clearing the cache and verifying the files, etc, and then reinstalling the game itself.

I have logs and a dxdiag available if necessary.

CPU/GPU is AMD Ryzen 5 2500U (that’s Vega 8) with 8 GB of RAM. I’ve run the game previously on this machine, as well as on my older (worse) laptop.

This applies both to the released version, as well as the openbeta.

There have been some issues with AMD’s latest graphic drivers not being compatible with the version of UE4 that Automation is currently running on. Try rolling back your drivers to the previous version and see if that resolves it.

Yes, most likely is that issue, what graphics card do you have? So far reports have come from RX570 and RX580 cards.

It’s integrated, Ryzen 5 2500U so it’s integrated Vega 8. I did have a similar issue previously but unfortunately I hadn’t played much of anything on my laptop for some time so I don’t know if it was ever resolved from that point, either.

I will try to do a driver rollback in the coming week and I’ll update if that happens to fix it.

Let us know if that works! :slight_smile: Cheers