Game crashes on startup

GTX 1050
Driver Version: 445.75

When ever I startup the game it straight up crashes on start up I have tried every tip given to me running this game in safemode wont help either

Are you on openbeta or the default branch of the game? If you’re opted out of betas, try opting into the openbeta version, as that is based on a new UE4 engine build.

My game still keeps crashing after going into open-beta

Do I need to send you a game log or something to get to the bottom of this?

Yes, definitely. Please send the AutomationGame.log you get from pressing the Game Log button in the launcher. Send it to mentioning what is happening and we’ll take a look.

I send an email when will it get looked at?

Should have gotten around to looking at it already if you’ve sent it. Usually takes us a day or two to get to it.