Game isn't loading

I have two laptops, a MSI GL62M-7RDX and a Lenovo 300e. Automation works just fine on the MSI but on the Lenovo the game crashes a couple seconds after I load it. I’ve tried with and without the launcher but neither will load the game. There is no error code either. When I try to launch it from steam, it opens the launcher. Whether I click safemode or play, the launcher closes and the game doesn’t load.

Right click in Steam, select properties, and verify installation files.

Make sure the graphics drivers on the Lenovo aren’t way out of date. Changes to the Unreal Engine means that old drivers are no longer supported and the game will crash as soon as it launches. I believe the cutoff is somewhere around 2017 for the date of the drivers.

Check the minimum requirements for the game as well. Seeing as the Lenovo 300e is effectively a tablet, it might not be capable of running Automation at all.

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