Game keeps Crashing for no real apparent reason

So, ever since i strated playing on UE4 the Game was Crashing, and now, after getting back to it it does the same thing, it doesn’t seem to matter what i do, it just crashes randomly, Bug Splat shows up, i start the game Again and it might work for a couple of hours, couple of minutes or even until i closer the Game.
I know that my PC is old and slow, (13years i think, disregarding the GT 640) i am Planning on getting a new one this Year, but until then i don’t really want to play a Game i can’t enjoy.

PC setup would be:
Intel i3-2100 @ 3.10GHz
GeForce GT 640 (4gb i think)

This would be the last 2 Crash Logs:
AutomationGame.log (1.4 MB)
AutomationGame.log (1.7 MB)

Will send the DXDiag to the Support E-Mail Adress now.

New one:
AutomationGame.log (1.5 MB)

That you for not helping me at all.

I love Games that are crashing and don’t work while no one going to help me with it.

Sorry for the late reply, we had our hands full with the launch of the new openbeta version and… let’s call it “circumstances”.
As you are running on the old version based on a different game engine version, we first recommend that you opt into the openbeta branch to see if the game runs on your machine in its latest iteration.
Assuming it doesn’t, please attach the new log file.

Before i change to Open Beta, is there a way to backup all the cars and Engines i have in Sandbox in another way then exporting them all manually inside of the game? Can i just back up the Automation Folder in “Documents/My Games” and have that still be useable?

Btw. I think i was able to pin down when exactly the game crashes, it inly crashed when tou cange a Slider or change menus, mostly when loading a car or going back from the Photoscene.

You can backup your save simply by copying
\Documents\My Games\Automation\Sandbox_openbeta.db
to your backup location.

So yes, you backing up the entire folder in My Games would work!