Game keeps freezing

Every couple of minutes, the game will freeze while designing cars. I’ll just move the camera around or move a fixture, and the whole game will freeze. No error, no bugsplat, it’ll just freeze and force me to terminate it with the task manager. I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Does anyone else have a similar problem?

Actually yes. Since the last update, I’m getting far more of these sorts of things than ever before.

Cause: So far, it has only happened for me when modifying fixtures, not on any other screen or for any other action.

Effect: Automation freezes, but does not ever ‘crash’. It does not produce either a Windows or Bugsplat error dialog box, even when left for ~30 minutes. When force terminating and then restarting, the last change done to the fixture has still been saved & is present.


On problems like these, its better for the devs If you post your PC configuration

It may be due to the game calculating fixtures positions and stuff if I’m not wrong.
This happens when RAM is being used a lot, it does freeze but eventually it’ll work again. Just waiting (maximum 5 minutes) should fix this and the game will work as it should, though if it keeps happening, it may be due to something else.
My recommendation is to get more RAM (8GB should do), clean the Windows Registry and get rid of files you do not need.

I don’t think a lack of RAM is the issue here. I’ve got 12GB of ram, and I run the setting at only 100% resolution scale with the only setting on epic quality being the first. Since Arvok said listing the specs helps, I’ll leave them below.

Intel Core i5 3330
MSI GeForce GTX 1050 OC
Gigabyte H61M-S1
650W PSU

Yeah, I’m not sure it’s a RAM issue, and I’ve left mine for ~30 mins and it didn’t get better. I’ve experienced the temporary short-term freezes before, but this is different. My specs:

Intel i5-4670k
MSI 7970-OC
MSI Z87-G43

Have you noticed any tendencies for what fixtures cause this issue? Is it mostly for really complex ones like headlights? Or maybe really large ones? Any clues would be handy, because this is not something we’ve been able to replicate.

Yeah, I’ve thought about it but can’t recall.

It definitely happened with one set of headlights and one of the front grills (i’ll get a screenshot and post it up), but neither are ‘new’ (i.e. I’ve never had a problem with them before).

An update from me at least - I have kept an eye out for more freezing issues, but since the update after this was posted I haven’t yet had another incident.

Same for me. I think it was a freak bug, since I haven’t had it since then.

@V4guy @machalel do you two have old or slow mechanical hard drives? This happened to me more when I had the game on my old HDD, but since I put it on the new HDD, it has been happening less frequently, mostly when quickly switching fixtures