Game will not start

I open automation, the launcher opens normally. I click play, and immediately get a bugsplat. Same thing happens if i open game without launcher.

I have verified all game files and even reinstalled the game to no avail.

Ryzen 5 2600
16gb ram
RX480 8gb latest driver

The latest AMD drivers make you cant open the game :confused:
it will be resolved in the next update only

I figured this was the issue since it only happened after I updated the driver, but i have swapped hardware out aswell so i couldn’t verify that as the root of the issue.

Currently I am downgrading drivers.

the amd driver have some problem with the unreal version the game uses, so to solve that problem, they will change the version of unreal they use

Yep, thats the issue. Just downgraded driver to an older version and the problem is solved.

It would be nice if they send a message through the launcher to let people know.

If you read the Patchnotes, it’s mentioned there:

Note for AMD users: The current latest graphics drivers 19.12.2 (and potentially beyond) seem to be incompatible with the version of UE4 that Automation is using! With those the game will not start unless you select DX10 mode. This is not something we can fix without an engine change to the latest version, which will come with the next big update. You can roll back your drivers to a previous version or just not update to latest just yet.

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