Game won't save

Hey everyone,

when building either the vehicle or the engine sometimes I exit and come back, but game won’t save design progress. Sometimes it does, sometimes it does not.

Any ideas on how to solve this issue?


Edit: I was being an idiot. Listen to Rob, not me.

In the current public version of the game you need to have gone all the way through to testing the engine or car for it to be saved. It is recommended to first build the car and then go back to design it - as a workaround.
This is fixed in the version to be released pretty soon!

@Jakgoe: yes, I do not see any save button, I am either blind or it’s not there… thus to exit I just close the design window.

@Killrob: okay thanks for the info! I will finish it up at once, if I still have issues I’ll come back here.