Games that use automation games

I remember there being a steam game that can import automation game cars. I forgot what it was, but can we use our automation cars for other games or even games we create?

Never heard of any game that uses Automation cars as mods or otherwise.
If you create a game and want to use any cars from / built with Automation then of course you would have to contact us first.

A user had made an engine profile exporter for early versions of Beam.NG: Drive. That’s since been superseded and probably wouldn’t work any more.


ok. If I were to create a racing game using automation cars, who do I talk to and what am I limited to using in automation if I want to sell my game?

That would be best discussed via
You would be talking to @zeussy @Daffyflyer and me.

found it. Its called BeamNG.Drive

someone said that it can take the file format that the cars in automation are exported in.

There used to be an exporter for Automation engines… “used” being the key word there. It hasn’t been updated in fuck knows how long.

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there still is an exporter. I just exported 3 of my cars like yesterday.

Cars or engines?

Couldn’t possibly be cars. Engine power maps maybe. It would be fucking amaze balls if somebody has magically crafted a whole car exporter when Beam requires the configuration of materials and tensile strengths between a whole new network of nodes that would be completely impossible to extrapolate purely from Automation data.


Yeah that’s why I was curious. Never heard of anything beyond the engine powerbands. Not sure what he’s on about :stuck_out_tongue:

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full car

where did you see this converter?

converter? The exporter exports in zip files. It is at the bottom of the Sandbox page.

Yes, yes. Where and how do you convert these automation zip files to files compatible with Beam.NG?

I never tried to convert them. I don’t have this software, but someone said that this software can run cars made with automation. I think I got it off of the Steam Page. Hold on.

You know what, I can’t find it. The thread may have been archived. Can’t even log in to the old forums.

There was no such thing @CNCharger.
People have used a tool (which we helped make!) to import engines into (before it was called “drive”), and some have manually imported their Automation engine data into Assetto Corsa. That’s it, as far as we know.

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So someone must of misheard and told me. Ok.

I played BeamNG and I manually ported several engines I created in Automation to that game. The thing that you can export is torque curve, engine weight, and final drive ratio. No models, no cars.

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