Gaming Screenshot

Here you can post screenshot of any video games you play
I start with some Test Drive Unlimited shot:

Here some from me

Dirt 3
Mass Effect 3**
Project CARS**
The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim**

Project CARS looks very pretty these days :smiley:

Aaaand some more :smiley:

Project Cars

Anno 1404

Minecraft (using cutting edge shaders :slight_smile:)

Project cars look beautiful

I take it the cars in the TDU screens are mostly mods? What’s the grey car in the first picture of the last post? I can’t figure it out D:
Anyway, I have a few forza photo thingys if those count?

Yea Forza pic count and they are awesome!
And yes its mostly mods and the grey cars is a Mercedes SLS

You know this one:

Project Cars **

It never fails to amaze me how mindblowingly good Project Cars looks

Yeah Project cars does look good!! but im i big Live For Speed Fan and i want to add just 1 race game to my collection but Project Cars or Rfactor 2?
Don’t now if Project Cars is going to be as good as Rfactor2???

Though I never tried Project Cars, I think it’s about what you prefer. If you like a good looking semi-sim, Project Cars is the one for you. If you focus on hardcore-realism and an awesome multiplayer experience, go for rF2. Though it is still in beta phase, things look very promising and the cars feel much more alive than in rF1. And if online performance can be brought to a level like rF1, I will have lots of fun with that.
Project Cars will be a very good game as well and I might look into buying it, but more for “playing” in singleplayer mode (if there is something like that) and not for competitive, eSports-like racing.


Yeah i agree! think im going for Rfactor 2 it will be damn good!!! but will never stop playing LFS great online multiplayer races!!! :mrgreen:

Assassin’s Creed 3 looks incredible.

More here.

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I’m fairly certain Assassin’s Creed 3 is a game.