GCC1 (Galactis Community Challenge) - 2000s Third World ShitBoxes [Closed]

2000's Third World Shitboxes

A quick intro into our challenge

In the 2000s we've seen great leaps for the humanity in many sectors, technology sky rocketing, entertainment for days, and also cars, some were mental and some more, well, let's not talk about that part... But not everyone has the biggest luck to own a fast car or a luxury one, but instead has to live with a shit box like the Dacia Sandero, the Tata Indica, the Daewoo Lanos or the almighty Toyota Corolla. In this challenge, we will torture these shitboxes by driving in the roughest roads ever, pushing cargo, and the usual stuff.

Some real life examples

Toyota Corolla

Tata Indica

Info + Challenge Rules


After you finish your build, export your car into beamng and send to us the zip file, we also allow to have some jbeam editing (like adding a supercharger, making the steering wheel work...) but of course, you have to keep it fair! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Years: 2000-2010

TechPool: 50 (Combined)

At least 5 seats

Min.Confort: 10

Max Price: 8000

Max.Service Costs: 600

Tyre Compound: No sports or semi slicks

Min.safety: 25

Must have a tow hitch


No Engine Stress!

Must run 85 (RON) octane unleaded fuel

Must have a catalytic converter

About the Galactis Community + Link to join

You might ask why there´s yet another community server, aren´t there enough already? Well, no. This one, though, is different. in what way? You will have more freedom in the challenges and you can use your jbeaming skills. This is why we appeal to you to keep it fair. I mean what fun is it winning with kilometres to spare? Also this just can be a place for you to interact with new people and maybe also get some tips and suggestions. We would like to incorporate the community as much as possible, so please be nice.

one of us one of us

Here's the link!(Click on me)

Quick Update on the evaluation criteria + more info
  1. Drivability and offroadabillity:
    How easy is it to drive /4
    Is it daily driveable /4
    Is it fun /1
    How easy is it to drive offroad /4
    How comfortable is it offroad /2

  2. race: -Italy, Asphalt Hillclimb 2 (time trail),
    -no rolling start, one lap, reverse ,multiple attempts are allowed
    -scoring: /10pts, 1st=10pts, 2nd=8pts, 3rd=6pts and so on
    -if two cars get the same time, the one with less power will get +1pt

  3. fuel economy
    -is tested on east coast USA
    -car will be driven by AI for 5km
    -fuel consumption will be calculated (L/100km)
    scoring: /10pts, 1st=10pts, 2nd=8pts, 3rd=6pts and so on
    -if somehow two cars get the same fuel consumption the one with more power will get +1pt (because the engine has to be more efficient to deliver more power from the same amount of fuel)
    /10 pts

  4. appearance/ design

  • does your car fit in the era?
  • is it well designed (lineflow, overall design, etc.)?
  • is it overdone?
    / 10pts
  1. towing/ loading capability
    -how much can the car pull/ transport and still reach 100km/h?
    (relative to the other cars)
    -scoring: /10pts, 1st=10pts, 2nd=8pts, 3rd=6pts and so on

/55pts total

Submission Link (broken
Here's a new link:

Before you upload your zip file, please make sure that your file is like this: CarName(YourUsername).zip

Deadline: 27/12/2022 12PM (GMT+1)

Happy Building!


Must the item in question be a three-way unit of any kind?

so is there some sort of beamng driving part in this challenge?

Worried about jbeam editing, having some cars have supercharger while others don’t sounds kind of unfair

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Tsk another Discord thing. Nope.

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What’s the evaluation criteria going to be / what to build for?

You can use any kind!

Yes we will drive your cars in beamng, we will give more details soon, on what test we are going to do and that sorta stuff

As I said to ls I will disclose it soon, expect it today or tommorrow!

If you can get a supercharger in this challenge and still make it logical, hats off to you

What do you want, AOL?

Jbeam editing. Those who have played around in the files can add a supercharger, active wings, and pretty much anything else they want that doesn’t exist in Automation.

read what I said again, you read it wrong

I don’t even know what a Jbeam is haha

Not to be pedantic, but I would expect someone that announces a Community Challenge (or Competition) to host it in a way that benefits the site they are using to announce it. IOW host it here.

We’ve run hundreds of competitions successfully here on the forum. If you want to run a Discord server in parallel, I would say that’s fair but dragging traffic away from a place to run your thing seems…wrong.

I’m probably the only person that dislikes Discord. Tried it, tried to keep track, was rudely interrupted in my sleep over random notifications that I swore I turned off (update change, I guess), and I put it to bed after finding it annoying to use.

.02 and soapbox, all that.


Fair enough actually

Hello everyone, now you can find on what will we evaluate on + more info too, you can also find the track which we will test your cars in that section ( “Quick Update on the evaluation criteria + more info”), but I’ll tell here anyways, Italy, Asphalt Hillclimb 2 (time trail).
In rest that’s it, happy building!


2010 Mara Xenia 1.6 SR

In the first years after its release, the Regular base versions of the Xenia were available with the tried-and-true 1.6 litre SOHC engine dating back to the turn of the century.

Here the 3-door sedan, sharing much of its sheetmetal with the liftback version.


A quick reminder that the challenge will end today (27/12/2022 - 12PM(GMT + 1))!