GCC2 - 202X's Level Entry Supercars

202X'S Level Entry Supercars

Quick Intro

Supercars have a long way, starting with the first but also most beautiful car ever, the Lamborghini Miura, so what are supercars? Supercars are just about peformace, luxury, prestige and being flashy, and we can find some nice ones, even, for a good bang for the buck, like the audi r8, chevrolet corvette c8, Honda NSX and Lexus LC500... So, in this challenge, your objective is to build just that, a level entry supercar, they will be driven around like never seen, and probably fly with them too. Can you do better than the competition? Remember, the fastest car is not always the one with the most power, less power sometimes may even be beneficial. Sometimes getting more out of less is better than just having a lot of a thing.

Real Life Examples
Challenge Rules + Some Jbeam Rules!

Quick Note!

We´ve made the decision that we won´t limit power, since it would limit you too much in some aspects, but we will place some measures in place, that will make sure that overpowered cars will be punished.

Basically the challenges will encourage you to get the most out of the power you already have, instead of just adding more.

-The Galactis Comunity

Challenge Rules for this round

-years 2020- onwards
-tech pool: 60
-max. price: 60k
-at least 2 seats
-engine has to run on 98 (RON) octane
-has to have a catalytic converter
-fuel economy: 12L/100km (19.6 MPG) or better
-min. engine reliability: 65
-min. driveability: 60
-min. comfort: 25
-min. safety: 50
-no semi slicks
-max. service costs: 3.5k
-no negative quality

New jbeam rules to makes things more closer


1. Roots Superchargers: per 100hp power gain, 1k costs
2. Screw Superchargers: per 100hp power gain, 2k costs
3. Centrifugal Superchargers: per 100hp power gain, 500 costs


1. Batteries: per 1kWh capacity, 500 costs
2. Motors: per 100hp, 1.5k costs

Full Electric

1. Batteries: per 1kWh capacity, 200 costs
2. Motors: per 100hp, 500 costs

Evaluation criteria

We will evaluate you in these 4 criterias:

1 - Design:
-Does it fit the era?
- Is the design overdone?
- Is the car well designed?

2 - Driveability and Peformace driving:
- Is it easy to drive? is it a good for daily? Is it fun?

2.1 - Track Conditions:
- Is the car enjoyable but also easy to drive when pushed to the limit?

3 - Race:
-We will drive them on two tracks with diferent conditions, one that is slow (ex: Hungaroring) and one that is high speed (ex: Monza).
-If your car is behind a more powerful car by 2 or less seconds, you will get a bonus point per 100hp you have less.

4 - Fuel Economy:
-The cars will be driven by ai for 5km.
- Eletric cars will have consuption multiplied by 2 and converted to gasoline equivalent, meanwhile hybrid's will have two tests, one electric and other one only by the combustion engine.
-In case if you car has the same fuel consumption as the another one, the one with more power will get a bonus point.

About us + Discord Link (NOT OBLIGATORY)

You might ask why there´s yet another community server, aren´t there enough already? Well, no. This one, though, is different. in what way? You will have more freedom in the challenges and you can use your jbeaming skills. This is why we appeal to you to keep it fair. I mean what fun is it winning with kilometres to spare? Also this just can be a place for you to interact with new people and maybe also get some tips and suggestions. We would like to incorporate the community as much as possible, so please be nice.

one of us one of us

Here's the link!(Click me!)

How do I send the car?

You can send your car via link by google drive/wetransfer via PM, you need to send us a zip file of your car (the .zip file after you export into beamng), and the file extension must be like this:

YourCarName(GCC2 - YourUsername.zip)

Deadline: 19/01/2023 12PM (GMT+1)

Any questions you can ask here and we will reply, happy building! -The Galactis Community


Quick reminder: You have 2 days left!

Pinnasamina Amalfi

"Una nuova rivoluzione"

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Quick Introduction

The Amalfi follows it’s older brother footsteps, more controversial but also a bit more flashy to the eye with more tech.
Amalfi is that type of supercar that feels it was touched by Michel Angelo, it is glamorous, fast, efficient and artistic in every way.
Get yours today.


2020 Mara Paragon ST42

The more track-focused version of Mara’s sports car for two (‘42’), with 50 hp extra over the more comfort oriented 300 hp SK42 version:

unapologetically re-using submission pictures from a challenge from a while ago


Submissions closed!

Challenge Results!


Thanks everyone for participating into our challenge, and congratulations to our winner Wollank but also for who participated in this challenge!
Also we are sorry for coming late, we had some technical problems

Better late than never - and with a worthy winner.