Gear Ratio Selection Algorithm

I was just curious about what is the algorithm being used to select a transmission’s gear ratios based on the number of gears and the value of the Spacing slider. I understand that the tallest gear for any transmission is set to 0.75:1, but how are the rest of the ratios calculated, and how that function can be used for larger ratio counts.


Shameless bump, because my curiosity is driving me nuts.

I believe it is as simple as 50 on the spacing slider is even spacing, then values lower than 50 are escalating towards closer spacing at the top and the opposite for values above 50. Probably driven by a square function.

I think it is a little clearer if you see it as gearing for a certain speed, where the Top Speed slider determines the total range and locks in the highest gear with it. Not sure about the actual formula, but it is rather simple I’m sure.