Gearbox maximum speed ratio

Hi guys,

I’m presently trying to beat the production car record on the forum (currently 353 MPH) and believe I have built an engine capable of it (estimated speed on the graph is 390 mph, and fits inside the engine bay of the car) but the gearing refuses to let me gear higher than 351 mph. This seems particularly annoying as the lesser engines I have built can be geared to 371 MPH. What’s going on, Am I missing something?

The maximum gearbox ratio seems to be limited (in reality there really is a limit for what maximum ratio can be achieved with a given set of gears between input and output of a gearbox). If you want to drive faster in the game, you have to set the rev limiter of the engine to higher RPM.

Ah, so if I redevelop the engine to produce its power at a higher RPM, I should be again allowed access to the higher final drive ratios? At present, my redline is set for 7,500 RPM, as beyond this the engine fails.

No, if you set the rev limiter higher, the gear ratios stay the same, but the engine spins the driveshaft faster -> more potential top speed. The slider in the game will allow for a higher top speed setting then though the ratios stay the same.