Geldersch Automobiel Fabriek

I am just new to this game, and thought to share some of my designs here:

The name “Geldersch Automobiel Fabriek” is Dutch for “automobile factory from Gelderland” (a provence in the Netherlands).

The first car to be released by GAF is the Lunar, a spacious and trendy city car. It’s spaciousness makes you think you are alone on the moon, hence the name Lunar. The entry level ECO-version even feels as if you are driving a moon. Despite it being a city car GAF has announced a sport version and is currently busy developing an engine that is able to get close to the cars cooling capacity (that is over 600 kW). Engine specs will be added in the future.

I am not entirely sure if it speaks good of its manueverability.

I was mostly speaking about it’s performance, but you could also see it in terms of handling. Anyway, I don’t have to sell the car at this forum, so speaking a bit bad of it is not a problem. :stuck_out_tongue: