Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]

Aaaaalrighty then!

With my final Kee challenge coming to a close within the next couple days, I’m ready to move on to my next big thing. I had actually had an idea similar to Imperator’s before he launched his. With his thread seemingly either dead or hopelessly delayed, and me ready to host something new, it’s almost time. It’s now imminently on the horizon since OLH is finished, so here’s the general premise:

  1. This will be a lore-heavy thread. ALL vehicle submissions MUST be from company lore.
  2. You MUST have a company lore thread in the car sharing forum to participate. I will be requiring a link to your lore thread with your first submission.
  3. Your submitted vehicle for each round must either already exist in your company’s lore thread, or be posted to it prior to the close of the round.
  4. Inter-company rivalries are strongly encouraged (like the Bogliq-Ardent rivalry that can be seen in other threads), as is lore RP in general. Company reactions, internal communications, etc. all play in to the flavor.
  5. Setting will be the United States, using historical socio-economic events to drive scoring. (ex: 1973 Oil Crisis, early 1980’s recession, 60’s counter-culture movements, etc.)
  6. I will complete and score rounds with reviews in the fictional “Motor Review World” magazine (yes, the very same one that Barry and Eve used in CSR67). There will be at least two “Best of” categories each round. They can be split between multiple vehicles, or one astounding vehicle can “mop up” the awards ceremony, so to speak. All submissions will get at least a pros-cons list, with the winners getting a more detailed review.
  7. Scoring will be a “relative rating” system for each round so that you have an idea of how your car compared overall, and your company cumulatively for the competition as well. This will be a mathematically based rating
  8. Ardent Motors will be submitting a vehicle each round as well, to serve somewhat as a benchmark (and also because I know Bogliq wants a rival). It WILL get a relative rating score, which means it influences the market. It CAN also win “best of” titles, but will never win them solo; instead, it will tie the runner up.

Some rules, yo.

Competition starts in 1946, and there will be 3-6 years between rounds. The amount of time between will be rolled individually at the start of the new round. File naming format will be posted in each round’s initial post.

Import brands entering the country may enter 1 year before their official Lore entry to the States, in a limited capacity. (-10% Relative Rating, simulating independent importers rather than a dealer network)

Sub-brand rules:

  1. Brands purchased or acquired (at least 51% investment): No vehicles may be submitted from the acquired brand prior to merger. (Real life example: GM)
  2. Brands created by spinoff: Must still be controlled by the parent company to submit. (Real life example: Saturn)
  3. Brands created by merger: One brand must be selected as the “lead” or “primary” brand. Submissions will only be accepted from that brand before the merger, and only by the new company after the merger. (Ex: Company A and B merged in 1956 to create Company X. Only A OR B can submit up to '56, only Company X after) (Real life example: Nash and Hudson, becoming AMC)
  4. Companies that are non majority investments (less than 50%): May have individual models used as “Captive Imports”. Vehicle must be branded, marketed, and sold as a product of the parent company, and the Lore thread must make it clear this is a captive import, as well as which brand/model it is a copy of.

Fixtures/regulations: I will try to specify any new regulations for fixtures and/or equipment on vehicles at the start of each round. This will also include emissions and safety requirements in the later stages.

Socioeconomic factors: Every round, I will give a snapshot of the current economic conditions as well as the short-term forecasts. As well, I will give one or more significant social trend or event, which may help you direct your design.

Bonuses/penalties for reusing trims/engines: You can earn up to a 5% Relative Rating bonus in a round for reusing an existing design. Just don’t reuse for TOO long without major revamps, or your competition will overrun you.

Engine design outliers: I will not boot or ban any design for using specific equipment, but just know that if it’s too “weird” or “advanced” for market tastes, it’s not going to do well. You probably don’t want to use independent rears (unless you’re FWD), DOHC, or multivalve setups for the first 25-30 years.

Sliders: May be used. But do so sparingly, as making your ET and PU shoot up might make your design less attractive compared to competitors.

Current round: Competition has ended

List of companies entered:

Ardent Motor Corporation - VicVictory
Leviathan Motor Company - @Chickenbiscuit
Auto Corporation of America - @Dorifto_Dorito
Olympus Motor Group - @undercoverhardwarema
Sinistra Motors - @Madrias
Kimura Motors Ltd. - @titleguy1
Bogliq Automotive USA - @HighOctaneLove
Caliban Kit Cars - @Mr.Computah
PMI LLC - @Private_Miros
Sakura Automobiles of Japan - @Fayeding_Spray
Deer and Hunt - @Mikonp7
Keika Automotive - @BoostandEthanol
Fenton Holdings Ltd. - @kmBlaine
Epoch Industries - @machalel
Birmingham Motors - @DukeOFhazards
Vermillion Motor Company - @Kubboz
Takemi Motor Company - @Nicholander
Royal Canadian Motors - @thecarlover
Grehet Motors - @koolkei
TSR Automotive - @Aaron.W
IP Automotive LTD - @Knugcab
Erin Motor Company - @DeusExMackia
Baltazar-Bush - @Leonardo9613
Kimura Motors Ltd. - @titleguy1
Znopresk-BMMI - @NormanVauxhall
Rado-Sofa - @nerd
Maesima Motor Corporation - @Rk38

Overall Relative Ratings (FINAL After 12 Rounds)

kmBlaine - 95.71
Kubboz - 94.88
Private_Miros - 93.85
DeusExMackia - 93.78
undercoverhardwarema - 93.41
Chickenbiscuit - 93.04
HighOctaneLove - 92.39
koolkei - 92.31
VicVictory - 92.20
Rk38 - 91.86
Madrias - 91.84
TheCarLover - 91.81
titleguy1 - 91.38
DukeOFhazards - 91.04
Mikonp7 - 90.87
BoostandEthanol - 90.50
NormanVauxhall - 90.49
machalel - 89.30
Mr.Computah - 88.88
Nicholander - 88.26
Knugcab - 86.30
Dorifto_Dorito - 85.98
Aaron.W - 78.96
Vri404 - 76.25
nerd - 75.50


USA, eh? Count on Maine Motors joining this time around :grin:

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So I have a company thread, but it’s not as fleshed out as many others here and I’m not really happy with most of those cars. Could I use this challenge as a way to build a company lore as we go along? Or are you looking for more already established companies to participate?


PMI is considering to join, although it will take a lot of work to flesh out my lore thread.

@chickenbiscuit and @Private_Miros - that’s actually part of why I’m doing this. Established-lore companies mixed with those who need to flesh theirs out some more. I know I need to do more work on all 3 of my companies personally. This will hopefully provide motivation not only for myself, but for others.


Looks like i have to soon start writing the company thread for “Deer And Hunt”. I look forward to this

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A chance to defeat Ardent on their home turf?

Count me in!!!


yes please. but well. i’ll be joining in the 60s

since my new brand only exists in europe before the 60s

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Its not set in Europe, its set in America

Right. He’s saying it ONLY exists in Europe prior to 1960.

And elsewhere 1960 and later. So he joins in '60 as an import marque.

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ETA for this challenge? I might want to do some changes to the Maine thread for this

Right now I’m just in the suggestions phase. I’m not going to come up with a round 1 ETA until after OLH is done (which will be in a few days)

Just wondering, are the rounds going to be in chronological/historical order? (Like starting in the 40s and going upwards, like Imperator’s one.)

One more question: will there be motorsports involved in this to boost/lose sales? If this is the USA we could have stock cars, IMSA and touring cars of some sort

Rounds will be in chronological order, starting in 1946. They will NOT necessarily be at exact regular time intervals. I will be randomizing as we move between rounds, and it will move between 3 and 6 years per round. So that means round 2 could be any year from 1949 to 1952, depending on my die roll (1d4+2 for you gaming nerds)

Motorsports will not be a factor here, but a ballsy sports car or performance model can be submitted in any given round if you wish. It COULD give your company a nice Relative Rating boost. Or it could cause you to crash and burn.


how do you intend to ‘judge’ the cars then?

also would how well the car sales also be determined by a dice roll?

I will be grouping the entries by class and comparing them to each other. The Relative Rating will be determined by how good each car in a class stacks up to the others. There will also be SOME judgement of looks (basically, is it more or less period correct, and does it have all of the correct fixtures).

At the beginning of each round I’ll post information on the socioeconomic factors that are relevant for that round. You’ll always get a current economic snapshot, short-term economic prediction, and at least one “movement” or major development in society at the time to help guide you. The US market usually has a broad variety of cars they like. Some more niche than others.

Let’s take the '73 Oil Crisis as an example: Suddenly, full size luxo-barges with 500cid engines are no longer desired. Compacts and subcompacts, which were once a niche market, are now very much mainstream. Bigger cars do exist, but a bigger emphasis is placed on economy. Or utility. After all, vans were actually quite popular throughout the 70’s and early 80’s, despite their thirstiness. And through it all, small two-seat roadsters enjoy a decent following. Now, you could still win a “best of” award with a full-size luxury car. But it will take a hell of a feat of design to do it.

I do it this way so that those who want to follow the market trends can do so, and those who want to be bold can “roll the dice” so to speak.

As for car sales/dice rolls… no, I’m not actually rolling the dice for any of that. Relative Rating will be a mathematically calculated score, based on placement in the class, and how well you hit the main market(s) (or how well your wildcard works, if you choose to go that route)

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Kinda similar to koolkeis question earlier, but since I have a company which is supposed to be Japanese (And didn’t start official export models until 1959) would I have to join in this challenge in 1959, or could I join in earlier using domestic Japanese models like in Imperator’s one?

You’d be eligible to join whenever your company officially started exporting to the US.

Will this include sub-brands, or should we stick to one flagship brand. I started JTT with a high-end luxury brand, to find that he wasn’t looking for luxury cars in the first few rounds. My company lore page (in its still rudimentary form) includes story lines for multiple marques, as well as future story lines for global expansion.