Getting a 2.0 litre inline 4 over 300 bhp!

Hey Guys!

First, great looking game, was having a great time on it until…

I got to the Super 2000 engine challenge.

For the life of me I cant get the engine over 256bhp. I see on the forum people are posting crazy figures, but when i download the xml files, the game will not load them.

Can someone put a recipe on here for a 300bhp 2.0 litre engine so I can understand what I am doing wrong, because its stopping me pre-ordering this game!


Edit: I feel like an idiot! Just re-read the challenge, got 286 bhp. Am still wondering if it is possible to get over 300bhp on this challenge!

The people posted these crazy figures before the revamp took place. Now the calculations are more real, and old .xmls are not compatible anymore. However, nothing limits you at 1.8 liter. Try to increase the capacity of the engine.

The reason for this is the game used to use .xml files, but since the revamp the game uses .ula for files.

In the year 2013 (On the new Automation update of course) it is possible to get as much as 320bhp… unfortunately I cannot print-screen my end result, but I can tell you that if you get all the best parts inc. AlSi block, fuel injection, race exhausts, Ultimate unleaded and so on and make sure you tune the bore size, cam profile, compression, fuel mixture and ignition timing as high as possible… then you will find your 2000cc 4 cylinder engine reach 320bhp easily! :smiley:

P.S Make sure that you don’t end up with too rich fuel quality valve float and all of that :laughing:
590hp out of 3 litre I4.

U mad bro?

Nice stuff, but first of all I don’t believe I’m mad… nor do I speak German in that case. Not to mention that I didn’t use a Turbocharger… I’m not even sure whether they have already released a aspiration update… besides we’re talking about a scenario :unamused:

try useing short Bore/stroke ratios (greater bore diameter than stroke length) to trade low end torque for horsepower.
go for high compression and add fuel to keep it from knocking, (i used about 10:1 compression and 12.1:1 for Air–fuel ratio )

Ive seen post’s were people were getting 200 hp per liter, but i can only get around 150 per liter. But those post are older, so has the power revision reduced output, or am i terrible at this?

No you are right, it is impossible to reach those power numbers again. But turbos will help soon! :slight_smile:

I have adjusted the forum rules to allow lua file attachments. So you can easily post your engines again.