Giovannni wants a sportscar - 1966 Frunian Coastal Cruise [Finally Complete!]

Fruinian Coastal Cruise


A small island off the coast of Fruinia

47 year old Giovanni Remano is the proud owner of a successful fruit shop in a small Fruinian town. Sales have been great recently, and he’s decided its time to treat himself to something special; something sporty.

He already has an Alfa 1900 that he uses for the daily commute through to town, but after work and on the weekends the beautiful roads and stunning views of the coastal roads beckon him closer.
The alfa isn’t cutting it, while it’s good for the commute, he wants something lighter and overall more sporty to cruise through the twists and turns.

Drivability is important though, the roads are tight and a piddly white painted wood post is all that lies between him and a 70ft drop off the side off the cliff. So he can’t be driving a death trap with a crazy power band, he needs to be able to have fun and give it a bit of stick without being one step away from terminal oversteer.

He wants the thing to sound good, and he would care for an open top to take in some of the fresh costal breeze, although he’s still open to other options.

Now and again he has to travel across the island to visit some relatives and of course they’ll want him to bring the new sportscar. So cruising stability at relatively high speed is somewhat important, although there is no need to create an autobahn crusher.

He’s no Nuvolari, be mindful of this. He’s done some very amateur autocross in town, but he won’t be able to handle anything insanely speacialised. He’s also not looking to knock his teeth out with some ultra stiff lemans spec suspension, but he still does value a sporty feel.

Oh yeah, did I mention he’s an artist?

Yeah. And he takes it seriously. So much so that this thing is going to have to look more than good. It’s going to have to put the finest works of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci to shame. Ok, maybe not, but you get the point: it better be a work of art.

I didn’t lie when I said his fruit shop is doing well, but he’s not exactly rolling is cash. He doesn’t mind slightly high service costs, but he does want to keep his kidney within his body.

After preliminary judging, cars that stand a chance will be driven on a test drive through the coastal roads of the BeamNG Italy map. This will be the basis of the sportiness and drivability scoring.

Heres a few pics to get your gears turning:



Competition Info


Violation of these will cost -20 points* per violation

*see judging system

-Trim and Engine variant must be 1966 (model and engine family can be anything)
-Min drivability value of 30
-Min sportiness value of 35
-Max weight of 1300kg
-Max 0%MU cost of $16k
-Max Fuel economy of 28L/100Km
-Min reliablity value of 30
-Max Engine ET of 120
-Max Chassis ET of 105
-Must be Manual
-Max 0-100km/h of 11s
-Min top speed of 170km/h
-Must not have basic interior
-Must have standard 60s safety
-No quality spam! + or -
-Must seat at least 2
-Super 98 Ron fuel is not widely available across the island yet, so it will be penalised

Giovanni would like his dream car to have an estimated top speed of above 190km/h, but if not its not a deal breaker. -7 points

Judging scheme

Each aspect of the car will be judged, and points will be given accordingly. For example, there are 70 points available in the Style catagory, with each segment being rated out of 10 or 20 (20 point segments are usually the most important ones)

Out of 10:

(1 = poor, 3 = not great, 5 = so-so , 7 = solid, 9 = Very good, 10 = spectacular)

Out of 20:

1 = poor, 5 = not great, 10 = so-so, 13 = solid, 15 = great, 17 = Very good, 20 = spectacular)

Overall Style: /70

  1. Looks /20
    Is it good looking? Good proportions? Pretty face?
    Cars that receive below a 10 in this scale will receive a 20% penalty to their final score.

  2. Era consistency /20
    It has to be consistent stylistally with the era. I would recommend having a look at some 60s Italian sportscars and roadsters for inspiration. Don’t let this stop you from doing something daring, it just needs look realistic.

  3. Stylistic consistency (across the car) /10
    Don’t give me something that looks like two different cars glued together top gear style. Try to create a theme with the fixtures, keep things consistent.

  4. Functionality /10
    Location of fixtures like door handles, fuel caps and so on are important, it has to be useable.

  5. Detail /10
    Don’t slap on 4 fixtures and call it a day; attention to detail is key. The design can still be simplistic, but little creative details are greatly appreciated.

Overall drivability: /40 (Based on Beamng test drive)

  1. Controllability /20
    As said in the brief, we can’t have Giovanni sliding off the 70ft cliff. Controllability is very important, so try to make sure it’s predictable and stuck to the road

  2. Power usability /10
    There’s no point sticking all 500hp up in the top end and have Giovanni get himself killed trying to have a bit of fun. Lower range, more accessible power is needed.

  3. Manoeuvrability /10
    The roads are tight, and their are a bunch of hairpins to handle. So the smaller and more agile your build, the better.

Sportiness: /50 (based on beam)

  1. Autostrada speed /10
    Road laws are more of a suggestion than anything else in Fruinia, and Giovanni doesn’t want to be struggling to keep up with the other locals on the autostrada. We aren’t looking to break landspeed records, but high stable cruising speeds are somewhat important .

  2. Acceleration /10
    Giovanni isn’t looking to end up with a neck injury, but a little bit of kick to the motor when he wants it is essential.

  3. Handling /10
    This will be judged in beamng, and its pretty self explanatory. It has to handle sportily, Giovanni doesn’t like too much body roll.

  4. Overall feel /20
    The overall feel of the car. Does it feel sporty to drive? Is it engaging? Am I going to fall asleep at the wheel? He wants something fun, not a bore.


Fun /20

Fun factor is rated out of 20. While a 450 horsepower hyperstiff stripped out track weapon is cool and all, it may not be fun to drive in the hot Fruinian summer.

Wow Factor /10

Is the car exciting to drive? Does it leave Giovanni wanting more?



Based on price range, points will be added or subtracted based on how much it costs to purchase. Giovanni’s ideal budget is 13k - 13.99k. Anything above 15k starts to get unrealistic, but if your design is expensive enough to receive a price penalty, hopefully it will make up for it in the other scoring. Likewise, prices that are below Giovanni’s budget do add some appeal, but is it worth losing out on other sectors?

@0% markup:

'>15k: -40
14.5k - 15k : - 20
14k - 14.49k: -10
13k - 13.99k: +0
12k - 12.99k: +10
11k - 11.99k: +15
<11k: +20

Bonus points:

psst, want some bonus points?

Convertible: +5
As said before, Giovanni does like the idea of an open top cruiser, so a bonus points for that.

Advertisement /10
If you can be bothered, you can snag a good extra bonus from a neat little advert. The more realistic and old world, the better.

The maximum total score is 190, or 205 with bonus points included

The car with the highest points wins. Simple as that.

Naming scheme

Please follow this scheme:

__Model_________________Trim_________________Engine_____________Engine Variant
1966-FCC-username - whatever name you want - 1966-FCC-username - whatever name you want

Entry info and deadline

  • Pm me the .car file and a brief paragraph telling me a bit about the car.

  • Feel free to post your entries below, while its not mandatory its greatly encouraged

  • Lore is good, I like lore. Not mandatory though, and there is no bonus points for that

Entries open wednesday the 10th of april, at 1 am GMT

Deadline for entries was Wednesday 24th of April at 12 am GMT

I prefer vanilla, but if you really want to use a mod please tell me the EXACT name of it.


@Jaimz - Franklin Cerberus
@Anubeia - Corsair 2.0 MFI
@Flamers - FS Azura Mk III Italia
@Mad_Cat - Maccheroni S6
@Elizipeazie - Keika Katana
@gridghost - Scarab Nebula
@machalel - Epoch M20 S2800c
@GassTiresandOil - Armor Motors 190 California
@Mikonp7 - Neko Pure Sport
@EddyBT - Angelerini Pegasus
@8bs - Terrier Sport Cabrio 2500

Round one: Style

This is Giovanni’s first impression on the car. When he walks into the dealer, he eats with his eyes. So this is a crucial aspect of the competition.

There is no elimination aspect to this competition however, as while it is unlikely, the ugliest car may be the best to drive and might steal Giovanni’s heart in the end. So every car will go through each round, and the winner is the car with the most points at the end.

Judging of Round One:

I’m glad to say that almost all of the cars featured were good looking, so I had to be a bit harsh with the judging. I put a bit of work into this, so enjoy!

Open to read round one judging!

Franklin Cerberus:

from @Jaimz

Looks wise, this thing is a bit … confusing. Facel Vega meets 300sl? It’s a decent looking car, it looks 60s, but looks a bit too muscly and overstated for what it is, being a fun little sportscar. Also the name: Cerberus? The guardian of hell? A huge 3 headed monster? Not really a fitting name for a light sportscar, but there are no name related points (might be something for next time) There are some great details, my favourite being the little rack on the bootlid. The vents on the fender and the hood are a bit overdone, especially the offensively chrome side vent.

Final verdict:

Decent looking car, but quite overstyled considering its light nature


Corsair 2.0 MFI

from @Anubeia

Design wise… it’s a bit of a mess. The two biggest issues are the awkward headlights that don’t suit the body shape, and the very sparce rear end. Some more detail on the car (especially the rear) and a better thought out front fascia would have scored a lot more points. Overall, it feels rushed. Design being such a critical aspect of the competition, it would have been worth taking a bit more time on the looks.

Final verdict:

Strange choice in fixtures and lack of makes it feel very rushed


Maccheroni S6:


Looks wise, this thing is unmistakably mid 60s. C2 Corvette meets Karmann Ghia, this thing is slick. The front fascia is great, clear lines, and the pop ups suit the car very well. The chrome detail following the lines down the side and rear is sleek, and the rear end looks pretty damn cool as well. Overall, this is a top scorer for style, and I applaud the designer for being brave and creative enough to make something so good out of this slightly awkward body style.

Final verdict:

Stylish and elegant design, very well done.


FS - Azure Mk III Italia


A very British looking front, big grille and an agressive hood scoop. It’s a pretty good look, if a little busy. The little intakes down below the bumpers are strange to see, and don’t really fit well with the rest of the design. The rear looks a bit bare in comparison to the busy front, and that cost some points from stylistic consistency (not necessarily a problem with the rear, maybe the front needs to be simplified).

Final verdict:

Good looker, but front and back aren’t consistent.


Scarab Nebula:

from @gridghost

Sharp lines, agressive vents, loud colours, biiggge wing and square pop ups. Awesome! But not 60s. While the trim date is set to 1966, this thing has been engulfed by a wormhole and ripped straight out of late 80s Beverly Hills. There are some fixtures that look a bit 60s, so it doesn’t completely flunk era consistency, but it gets a… so-so. Details are decent, the window trim caught my eye in particular. The e46 BMW taillights wouldn’t be my first choice, and the Lagonda style front fascia is… interesting. I like the look, but Giovanni may have other things to say when the FBI show up at his house questioning where and how he got this alien object.

Final verdict:

Awesome looker, but barely 60s at all.


Keika Katana

from @Elizipeazie

The designer has managed to capture the best of two cars from the east and the west: The chic and style of the Toyota 2000gt, and the sportiness and fun of a Lotus Esprit. The car is detailed, yet so simple and easy to look at. The side vents are very cohesive with the rest of the design, and I love the line that elegantly sweeps around the car. The makeshift targa top is interesting, and the wing mirror placement is undoubtedly Japanese. Giovanni didn’t have eastern cars on his mind, but the Katana leaves him open to what they have to offer.

Final verdict:

Beautiful car, near flawless design.


Armour motors 190 California

From @GassTiresandOil

On face value, this car looks quite muscular. The front fascia is very handsome, giving me strong Alfa Montreal X Ferrari Daytona vibes. The grill and headlight setup is very good looking, and the centre detail is great. The car does lack detail beneath that grille though, and the indicators are awkwardly placed. The use of a bumper would really help fill the empty space, as well as getting some points for era consistency. The line on the side works very well, and camouflages the door handle very well. I’m a bit conflicted on the rear though. The use of plastic isn’t very 60s looking, very much a late 70s look, and the same goes for the general fixture choice around rear complex. Very Celica-esque . Overall, a good looking machine but loses some points for era consistency.

Final verdict:

Handsome muscly look, but calls the 70s.


Angelerini Pegasus

from @EddyBT

Immediate British vibe from this little guy, rather like an MG. Front end is very happy, the grille and the lights work together quite well. There are a lot of chrome vents around the place, although I think this can be excused considering what lies under the hood… we’ll get to that later. The side trim flows around the whole car, and the indicators and the badge are well integrated into it. Different bumpers were used front and rear, I would have liked to see the same style used for consistency. The rear is perhaps a bit overdone with the chrome striping, and the spoiler is unusual to see on a 60s car. Some points were lost in era consistency for that, although the designer did manage to make it work, as it doesn’t look out of place. Redline wheels make it look like a hot rod, all chromes or a black line would be far more suiting. But overall it’s a good looker, and scores high for detail especially.

Final verdict:

Cute little car, with an elegant chic.


Epoch M20 S2800c (2+2)

from @machalel

The name is rather a mouthful, and the car is rather an eyeful. A rather interesting choice in body style, and certainly unexpected considering that this is a competition predominantly featuring light sportscars. But nonetheless, we’ll begin dissecting the stylistic choices of this “warm” sedan. Up front there is a lot going on. A lot of chrome. Each chrome trim is cohesive with the next, and they all flow and meet up with a greater line, that usually travels up the fender, or the hood, or even around to the back of the car. It’s hard to know where to look, to be frank. I do love a few of the details though, the hood ornament mad from a radio arial is great, and the line going from the door handle is pretty good as well. Everything in the car is cohesive, it all works, But in the end, I can’t say that it’s a great looker.

Final verdict:

Great details, but busyness with the chrome trim is rather polarising to the rest of the design.


Neko Pure Sport

from @Mikonp7

An awesome looking little machine, but the time machine must have stopped past japan as well, because it brought this little thing from the early 70s back to the mid 60s!

This guy would be right at home in Tokyo, 1973, zipping through the hazy darkness, but Giovanni wants something for the mountainous costal runs of Fruinia. The use of plastics and just the general shape and look of the car doesn’t say mid 60s to me, nor does it say light sportscar, I think it looks like more of a fun car. There is a redeeming factor though, as detail is spectacular, and this is the only car to receive full points in that area. There are so many little things that just bring the car to life, being the shape of the grille, the aircon vents beneath the wipers, the wiper fluid dispensers (my favourite), the hood mounted mirrors, the creative DIY soft top that is actually made from bumpers, and of course, the most impressive thing: the Japanese lettering made from a plethora of different badges. So much work has been put into this little car, and that’s why it scores well in detail. This car would do wonders in other competitions (as far as looks go) but at the end of the day, it’s not quite what Giovanni is looking for.

Final verdict:

70s hot hatch wasn’t on Giovanni’s hit list


Terrier Sport Cabrio 2500

from @8bs

What a suiting name to this fun little thing. The resemblance is uncanny.

Very British looking, front and rear. The front fascia seems well thought out, the lights and the grille work well together, and the little vents above the grille look great. The indicator setup is a little strange, as there is also what seems to be a reverse light in there as well. The vents beneath the wipers are a funny shape, but there is also my favourite detail: wiper fluid dispensers. Theres a sharp thin line that cuts along the side of the car, and it looks pretty elegant. The rear light complex is creative, although the indicator is eeever so slightly off centre, which annoys the living hell out of me. The reverse light placement is strange, never seen anything like that before (surely it would be melted by the exhaust). Overall it’s a simple design, but it’s pretty well styled and the name is certainly fitting.

Final verdict:

Styling lives up to its name, fun looking car. But nothing very special to see.


Round one results:

Judge’s comment:

Overall a very green table, which is great to see. The Katana and the Maccheroni tie a first place with 57 points, with the Pegasus not far behind on 55. The rest of the field is very close, with the exception of the Corsair 2.0 MFI. Hopefully it can make up for this low score in the other rounds :upside_down_face:

Spec Declassification:

@Jaimz - Franklin Cerberus:

@Anubeia - Corsair 2.0 MFI:

@Flamers - FS Azura Mk III Italia:

@Mad_Cat - Maccheroni S6:

@Elizipeazie - Keika Katana:

@gridghost - Scarab Nebula:

@machalel - Epoch M20 S2800c:

@GassTiresandOil - Armor Motors 190 California:

@MikonP7 - Neko Pure Sport:

@EddyBT - Angelerini Pegasus:

@8bs - Terrier Sport Cabrio 2500:

Judging of round 2 can be found here:

Judging of round 3 and the final results:


so the car he is asking for has to be of an italian brand or just like an italian sports car?

Does not have to be italian, but yes, similar to a 60s italian sportscar

fucc yea.
you are so getting the Keika Katana

not a lore one tho

cuz safety and stuff

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but there is a thing that bothers me:
why the 190kph top speed?

on which italian road will you reach 190?

okay, it may be the fact of just being able to go fast, but AFAIK the sports cars back then weren’t exactly powerful and therefore not really fast

Its more-so just the prestige of having the figure to show off. Giovanni wants something a 'lil bit flashy. My test mule was capeable of over 210, so…

may i ask how much power it has?

and wether that thing was the only mule you made?

Only one mule as of yet, and exact power is undisclosed but it’s >100<200

thanks for the info

now you are certainly getting the Katana
(or maybe the smaller Kakute with a Katana engine)


I will actually lower the top speed restriction a bit, I don’t lower power cars struggling in the competition. Just keep in what I said in mind…

Had a lore car almost ready…just tweaked the date. :sunglasses:

Price is with markup……


What do you use in beam for driving? A wheel, pad, keyboard? This will affect how I tune my entry. Thanks

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The car can be from any country, right? Just make it look pretty?

How comfortable does he want his dream car to be? Is there a minimum value we have to exceed?

I’ll be using a wheel, although for some reason my FFB isn’t working, so that will affect things a bit.

For the sake of lore, any country, but keep in mind that it has to be the same or very similar style to the light italian sportscars of the era

No set minimum value, but I would recommend tuning it to the light sport premium market, this will likely dictate interior choices

so this guy is aiming for a light sport premium car with a light sport budget price wish??

Essentially. Don’t worry to much about market scores, although it has to be acceptable (above 110 or so) in a few of those sorts of catagories. No penalties though

there is a problem tho:
either you make the car good in terms of engine and stuff and get binned for crap interior, or vice versa
(assuming you are not inflating the proce doing both)

Standard or premium interior will suffice, I don’t see why it should be such an issue. Test mule was fitted with a sports interior and standard radio and still managed very adequate performance within the budget. Can you elaborate?