GMI Lore Page

GMI - Garcian Motor Incorperated

Founded in 1938 by Herberto Rosilito in the city of St. Augusta, GMI started life making small econoboxes. Within the first 2 years of business the company grew to be the largest car amnufacturer in Garcia, partially due to the type of car they were selling.

In 1941 during the second world war the factory was temporarily converted to a tank factory, in order to produce vital vehicles to protect the nation of Garcia. Post war the factory recieved upgrades allowing for better mass production.

In 1955, Gacria founded a new Subsidary, Garcia USA which would take indipendance in terms of design and manufacturing, but would share a cut of financials with the parent company. By 1960 they had a full range of vehicles and engines ready to compete against the USA’s finest.

In 1962 the GMI founder took part in a poker match with one of Garcias largest crooks. He was forced to use GMI as colateral for a loan when he was cheated out of all his money. In an aim to not have the comapny fall under the wrong hands he smartly sold 30% to the Garcian government and 70% to the British Auto Firm, LLA. The deal was struck that GMI would remain an independant manufacturer and share 25% of all anual income with LLA, whilst the Garcian government would recieve 5% annually.

I will periodically post model lineups from random years here plus a special model every now and then.


I wanna see one of their tanks.