Go West Deathtrap Tour [FINISHED]

Go West Deathtrap Tour

Again we gather, gearhead friends! This time, we have a new special event: The Go West Deathtrap Tour. Time to roll up your sleeves, get your wrenches, and prepare to hit the road.

What do you have to do? That’s easy. Just grab a junker, get it running, throw some tires on it… pile a couple buddies, snacks, and maps in the car and go with us! Survival is tough, winning? Well… that’s even harder.

(Explanation/Rules follow)

This is a twist on the Roulette Runner and Kinda Grand Tour that I ran months ago. Basically, you buy a car for roughly (doesn’t have to be exactly) $500 USD, get it running, and take it on an extended road trip lasting several days. This version is entirely on public, paved highways. While it may seem easy, this presents its own set of challenges. Old junker cars don’t always do good on sustained highway runs, and the significant length (2000+ miles) and short timespan (~72 hours) means that pace is important, but so is maintaining the needs of your team. As with the previous challenge, your imagination is the only limit for your car. But remember, it has to be reasonably purchased for about $500 USD today.

This may seem a bit nebulous and vague. That’s on purpose; these actual events are kept vague, and the creativity of the participants combined with the challenge of crap hardware and a limited budget being pushed to their absolute limits.

Build rules are as follows:

Model/Trim year: No later than 2005

Engine year does NOT necessarily have to be the same as the model/trim (simulating engine swaps). The greater the age difference between body and engine, the larger the difficulty penalty will be applied (simulating the time/cost/technical knowledge to perform the swap)

Body style: Whatever your little heart desires. Must have at least 2 seats, though. Uber tiny trunks don’t have quite the same penalty as last time; there are plenty of food and lodging facilities. However, also remember that your cargo space and your cargo loading factor will determine whether or not you have any given spare part on board should something break.

Engine: V12 and Flatplane V8 engines will be limited to exotics and luxury cars only. No race intakes. Due to fuel availability at the stops along the way, 98 and 100 RON are not allowed. Leaded fuels ARE allowed; lead substitute additives are readily available at auto parts stores.

Tires: No semi-slicks (R compound tires are not DOT legal). DO NOT touch the quality slider! This will be manually adjusted by me before the start, simulating newer, modern tires being mounted.

Aero tab: Off-road skidplates only allowed on trucks and utes (reflecting their general OEM availability)

Suspension: No restrictions, though “unusual” combinations for the body type may get a reliability penalty, simulating a home-brew refit solution.

Costs: Not restricted, but age and type of vehicle will be considered for bonuses/penalties for the run, because this has to be “purchased” in the year 2017 for $500. (Ex: a 2005 4WD pickup will have significant drivability and reliability penalties, simulating high mileage, accidents, and/or mechanical failures that brought the price down that far, where as a basic 1980’s vehicle might just have high mileage, but been maintained impeccably)

Sliders: As mentioned, Tires tab must remain at 0. Number of slider points allowed is based on decade of the vehicle.
2000-2005: Max of 3 negative and 4 positive (counted separately)
1990’s: Max of 4 negative and 7 positive points (counted separately)
1980’s: Max of 5 negative and 9 positive points (counted separately)
1970’s: Max 5 negative and 10 positive points (counted separately)
Pre-1970: Max 6 negative and 13 positive points (counted separately)

Mods: No Barth or CaptainDoom. I have Pyrlix’s high quality essentials and a couple little bits here and there installed. If your car crashes my game, let me know what mods you’ve put on it so I can download them, or I’ll allow you to redesign with different fixtures.

Your car build is only part of how this whole thing will go down. You never know what will happen on the course. In fact, as each team has its own strengths and weaknesses, and things they may not know about the car, there is a HUGE margin for error and randomness. What does that mean?

Team factor: Your team will have two basic stats, Mechanical Ability and Trail Experience. Both of these are randomized, as well as based on a parabolic curve determined by your car’s year. (In essence, if your car is extremely new or extremely old, your team is likely to have a higher mechanical ability. Trail experience is inverse – if your team has low mechanical skill, it’s more likely to be run by someone very cautious on the actual trail, who is more likely to keep the car intact). The value for both of these will be between 1 and 6.

Mechanical condition: Also randomized along a bell curve, and accounting for your team’s Mechanical Ability. This is how well your car runs at the start of the event. It’s subject to degradation based on trail conditions and the Trail Experience of your team.

Team condition: Your MA and TE scores can fluctuate during the event based on how much fun their having and how cramped they are/how much in the way of supplies they are carrying. Cars with 4 or more seats can have 2-4 team members (specify how many team members when you submit, otherwise you will be assumed to have 2). More team members increases the amount of supplies you need to carry, but decreases the chance of negative buffs and even forced rest stops due to fatigue and crankiness.

Road condition: This is variable, and will be determined by actual weather conditions at the time I run each leg.

Defect: Every car in the competition will have something either that you couldn’t address before the start of the event, or overlooked during mechanical inspection. Everyone will know at least one fault with their car at the start… but you won’t know if this is the Defect or not! This defect will be limited to one system, but even if you know what it is, you won’t know the exact severity of it. Could be a minor annoyance, could be a fatal flaw, and it’s not guaranteed to show up. That depends on most of the above factors.

Aggressiveness Factor: This is how aggressive you want your team to push yourselves, whether it be speed, rest, food stops, etc. With your entry, you will specify an Aggressiveness factor from 1-6 (1 being most conservative and 6 being most aggressive). This will be your AF from the start. You are allowed to change this up to 4 times throughout the competition by PMing me. After I receive your PM, your AF will be the new value starting with the next leg I process.

Cargo Loading Factor: This is the mix of cargo that you choose to carry. All teams will, be considered as having basic tools and a 2.5 gallon spare fuel canister. The rest is split between food/comfort items and spare parts. It is a scale from 1-6, with 1 being maximum food/comfort and minimal parts, and 6 being the other way around. This can affect you out on the road; having better and more food/comfort means that rest stops can be fewer and shorter, and can mitigate fatigue, while having more parts makes it more likely you can stay on the road if you have a failure, or spend less time repairing an issue instead of hunting down a junkyard/parts store. This number CANNOT be changed during the challenge.


Negative points if you DON’T post an intro of your car/team, giving a brief background of them, the car (where you got it, how much, what condition it was in, etc.)

Note to those who participated in my previous challenges: You may run with the same team as last time or a new team. You MUST specify at time of entry (same team gets the same MA and TE scores, new team rerolls them)

If your rig makes it to the end without a fatal failure, you’re in contention for the big prize. Which is a couple pistons welded to a flywheel, skull and crossbones style. (WOO!)

Scoring will be done by rolling a randomizer and factoring the Trail Experience, Team Condition, Mechanical Condition, Road Condition, and Aggressiveness Factor. This time around, “legs” are back-to-back (no official start/stop points) and each one lasts 2 hours. Your success will be measured in where you actually are along the road.

That said, there are going to be many POI along the way for teams to get out, stretch for a few minutes, and take in the scenery.

POI stops are done through RP. You will have a brief time penalty applied to your next leg, but you can remove negative buffs and get positive buffs from doing these. It is also not required for those RPing to do a POI on every leg (and actually might be detrimental to do so). Furthermore, POI don’t have to be specific types of landmarks; you can stop at any one in the area that fits YOUR team’s interest. While this may sound confusing right now, I will let you in on this; you will be able to find them on Google. The course will go through actual, real places on Earth.

I will also give out four awards. First, the “Ballsy” award for the, well, ballsiest entry, and second is the “Hard Luck” award for the participant that doesn’t make it that either gives the most valiant effort, or dammit, really should have made it. The third is the “RP” award for the person who roleplays their team/interactions the best during the thread, including introduction of their entry/team. Fourth, introduced at Kinda Grand Tour, is the “Zen” award, for the best balance of everything; car, RP, and pace.

That said, I encourage ALL people who enter to chime in with blurbs about what their peeps are doing/thinking/saying after each stage, in response to what I post for the section and how it turned out. I will try to be “detailed but vague” so you guys can build your own story throughout all of this. Inter-team RP is always encouraged. Last time around it was so hilarious it hurt.

Have fun and be creative/silly!

Deadline: 12/1/2017 at 10am PDT, or 25 teams, whichever comes first.

Also, I will be entering my own vehicle again this time. While it’s possible for me to “win”, the actual winner(s) will be selected from the contestants. I’m mostly here for “flavor” or “color commentary”.

I will create a car/team and post it later as an example of how I’d like to see introductions done. Any questions? (You may start work and submit teams, but please hold off posting your intro until I’ve posted mine later today)

Naming convention and submission.

Naming: Car Model and Engine Family name should be “GW - (username)”. Trim names should be the names of the cars/engines themselves (for flavor).
PM me the .zip export file, and state how many people are in your team (and if you are colluding with any other board members on this)
Also remember to include your Aggressiveness Factor (can be changed up to 4 times after the start) and Cargo Loading Factor (cannot be changed after submission)

Competitors approved so far:


I’ll get right to adapting something, then. Beware the Highway Hooligans!


As much as I like it I definitely shouldn’t enter. I never have enough ideas to write the backstory.

But I can provide the car, if anyone wants to enter but doesn’t really feel like making one (or using some already made).

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Southend Or Bust will be back. James, Martin and Seb are always down for a crap car challenge.


Now this is a great sequel to the Kinda Grand Tour… I just have to decide if I really want to reuse my entry for that challenge in this latest road trip!

Well, looks like Team Outriders and Missy will be making a return.


Team Teal Terror

A minor tragedy struck Team Greasy Lightning a month after they returned home from the Kinda Grand Tour. Their beloved Suzume-powered Ardent Chancellor was stolen and wrecked. As the thieves plowed head-first into a tree, neither the car nor the motor were salvageable. The teammates lamented the loss with an informal (and private) wake at Fuzz’s apartment. One bottle of vodka later, they hatched the plan to replace their shattered steed of steel.

Behold, the 1992 Ardent Smoke known as the “Teal Terror”. The third generation Smoke, designed at the end of the malaise era, truly represented the worst of a dark era for Ardent. What was once a proud GT model had been reduced to a small, cheap coupe that could be cranked out for the GenX masses just starting to hit the workforce.

This particular “beauty” is a base model. No air bags. Automatic seatbelts. Manual windows, locks, steering, and transmission. 40 watt AM/FM tape deck. No air conditioning. All powered by the budget-model Cygnus-S 1.9L inline 4, and wrapped in hideous light teal paint.

Of course, with life being full of twists and turns, the original team members were not to be reunited under the new banner. Rick was assigned to a major new project at his company, and was unable to get time off for the run. Thus, the members of Team Teal Terror are:

Jen: Rick’s wife, personal trainer, crossfit instructor, and coffee freak.
Fuzz: Jen’s “little” brother Ted, a rookie on the local police force.


A jalopy challenge I like the looks of this.
Can you simulate a stripped interior with the removal of safety equipment etc?

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I love how you handled the tires limitations. Manual adjustment by the judge is a great idea


Count on a new team entering this…prepare for Spanish fiesta!


Just simulate it through RP. Build the car how you would have for its original build date. The only thing I adjust later is the tires.

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Team Spanish Fiesta!

“So what do you say, are you taking it?” - Said a man, dressed in suit, with a smile full of yellow teeth on his face. The wrinkles on his face revealed that he was entering a rather advance age.

In the driver’s seat, a young woman seated, her black hair resting on her back, her hands moving the steering wheel as her dark eyes processed the information from the signs at the sides of the road. “Well…I’m giving you 420 euros for this junker and you better be grateful I’m taking it from your dealership.” - She replied. Her voice sounded adult, yet somewhat juvenile.

“Yeah, you’re crazy if you believe you’re taking this from me for only 420 euros.” - Said the man, in a more serious voice tone. The smile had suddenly dissappeared from his face, his wrinkles now expressing anger. “I’m pretty sure someone else will be more than willing to pay the 800 euros I’m asking.”

The woman laughed. “C’mon, all you guys have been selling lately are crossovers and low mileage hatchbacks. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather make up space for another Baltazar Kilimanjaro that’ll sell like fresh bread? You don’t have any guarantee that you’ll be selling this thing anytime soon.”

An hour or so later, the Conte Ataque arrives at an used car dealership. Both occupants get out of the car.

“Alright, 450 euros and it’s yours”. - Said the salesman, desperate to sell the car.
“Make that 400.” - Replied the woman, once again.
“420 and it’s yours…” - Said the man, more than tired of this argument.

The woman took the keys and gave the man the money in eight nice 50€ tickets and a 20€ one. She drove it through the city until she arrived at a workshop, which she entered. A dark short haired young man, fixing his also dark eyes on the woman, came out from under a car, cleaning his hands on a towel.

“How much for the car?” - Said the man, with an adult yet also juvenile voice. “Did you get it for 450 euros as we agreed?”
“For only 420!” - She replied, with a smile on her face.
“Great. Remember, you do the driving, I do the fixing. You’re heaps faster than me, that’s for sure.” - He replied. “What should we tell mom?”
“We’re just on a holiday break from our workplaces. The more complicated the lie, the easier to detect.” - Said the woman.

Meet the team!

Ana Gutiérrez: 21, energetic and competitive, loves driving spiritedly and fast. The female twin sister, she works as a delivery driver for a post service company and she’ll do the driving, as long as she is not dangerously tired.
Alejandro Gutiérrez: 21, relaxed, a strategist. The male twin brother, works as a mechanic, so he’ll do the maintainment as long as he doesn’t have to drive. He also tuned the engine to squeeze 100hp out of it.

Aggresiveness Factor: 4

Meet the car!

A 1982 Contendiente Ataque 1.5 Sports Package. Including the standard 4 speed manual, semi independent torsion beam rear suspension, and the 1.5L I4, tuned to make around 100hp, which both thought would be the ideal balance between power and economy.


A bit of a teaser for what I’ll use.

1988 Bon-chon Masterpiece. Also known in South Korea as the Bon-Chon Exempla. Very affectionately nicknamed by the consumer market as the Masterpiece of shit.


4 x 5 = 200
200 + 20 = 220





Let me fix it :sweat_smile:

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Team Rice Box

“You paid $400 to a 19 year old kid to buy his Chinese Shitbox?”
“Yes, and it’s name is Banana.”
“You named the car, too? Oh christ.”

Lyra was less than pleased with Charlotte’s purchase. A rather… “tastefully” moddified 1993 PRJ M45, in K trim.
“You couldn’t have found something more, I dunno, Cool?” Lyra was very, very annoyed at this point. The M45 was a barely known car in the States, despite over 300,000 being sold.
“Hey, I think Banana is cool. He should be easy to fix if parts fail, too.” Charlotte, having bought the car, has a rather fond attachment to the M45.
“What ever, at least this’ll make for interesting footage.”
“Fuck yeah!”

The Car, properly

A Modified 1993 PRJ M45, in the K trim spec. The base model. This one has the PRJ SC1.4 SE, a rather woeful 74hp N/A inline 4. This one has recived some… custom modifications, including “A BIG WANG” (Original Owner’s words, not ours), custom yellow paint, and a single black stripe that doesn’t connect on the roof with matching front lip. Charlotte has affectionately named the car Banana.

The Team, properly

Lyra Sunshard; A YouTube and Instagram Celebrity in the Gaming world as ShardGaming, Lyra is using this to promote herself, and make some nice content, too. She is currently 20, and will be driving mostly.

Charlotte Mathews; Lyra’s Childhood friend, and fellow Instagram Celebrity. She Runs a YouTube channel named Girl+Car, where she vlogs car builds, and fixes. She’s also 20, and will be mostly recording what happens, and fixing Banana.

The Three of them, Lyra, Charlotte, and Banana, are known as TEAM RICE BOX!


Highway Hooligans

The Team:

Cody Acorne (34) - Brother of Marcus Acorne. Enjoys street racing, even though his brother tried to keep him out of the racing scene. He found out about the Deathtrap Tour from his best friend, Jake Storm, and intends to win by any means necessary. Which is precisely why he’s put his brother in the hot-seat.

Marcus Acorne (46) - Notorious Chicago street-racer. Has seen some things in his time, and helped acquire their new car. He favors Dynamite cars because they’re usually fairly cheap and have some performance potential.

Jake Storm (30) - Son of Amy Storm. Found out about the Deathtrap Tour because his mother pointed it out and mentioned it might be fun. Struggles to drive stick, but of the four, he’s the only one who understands DOHC at all. A self-taught computer genius, he’s responsible for reprogramming the car’s ECU.

Trevor Wright (45) - The Junk Man. Helped Marcus, Jake, and Cody find an engine for the car. He’s great at finding things that will work, or making things work that really shouldn’t function. He’s also the only decent cook of the four of them, and can hold his own with the other three and their pranks. As the team’s “Mad Scientist,” he’s the one responsible for coming up with ways to ruin everyone else’s day.

The Car:

Hailing all the way from the year 2000, this is a Dynamite E5 Family-Hatch.

This faithful little family car used to have a 3 liter V6 under the hood, powering the rear wheels through a 5 speed automatic. The previous owner removed the automatic, installed a 6 speed manual and the mother of all turbocharger kits to make a race-car out of it. In a street race against Marcus, the engine was damaged beyond repair. A few months later, Marcus offered to buy the car for $200, and the guy agreed, as it was better value than he’d get from the junkyard.

Marcus knew it wasn’t a total loss. Sure, he’d have to get Trevor to help him rip apart the block and try to make something useful out of the car, but otherwise, it had promise. He got a phone call from his brother, Cody, who mentioned a $500 ‘clunker race,’ and realized this was the destiny for this little 5 door midsize.

Cody rounded up a team, and they looked over the car. Midsize, sliding rear doors, a hatchback/liftback style trunk, five seats, and a CD player. Plus, the car only had somewhere around 114k miles on the clock, so it was a decent bargain. Sure, the engine doesn’t work, but… They had a plan.

A few days later, and Trevor brought in the perfect engine donor, a 2005 Dynamite T-1600 Double Crew pickup truck, junked because of a roll-over accident. What they wanted was the naturally-aspirated DOHC I4 out of it, all 5.4 liters of it. As the truck only had 74,254.3 miles on it, and construction company stickers on the doors, they figured the engine was good enough.

Jake got involved in ‘improving the performance threshold’ with a FleaBay Turbo and Intercooler package, and Trevor knocked together an exhaust manifold and turbo downpipe.

When questions got asked about whether a truck motor and passenger sedan were a good combination, Jake casually mentioned, “Mom said some team did that last time, some old cop car with the heart of a truck. We’ve got the same strategy going.”

A quick re-spray with lime green at Marcus’ request, and fitting of the neon underglow lights, bright green fog-lamps, xenon headlights, and a light-control-module finished up the lighting and visual effects package, and a mid-80’s turbo badge was glued onto the hatch to finalize the car’s distinctive design.

Total costs? $200 worth of blown-up, clapped-out family sedan turned street racer, plus $250 on a trashed truck for an engine. $450 all up.

Five seats, Four people. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, the list of current problems is a bit lengthy, but not entirely unexpected from a car resurrected from the junkyard.

  • Driveshaft has excessive play in it.
    Marcus’ note: The previous owner was a fuckin’ idiot, didn’t understand that the E5’s automatic and stick use different driveshafts. Not a huge difference, it will work, but it’s risky. And we can’t find an E5 in stick to swipe the driveshaft.
  • Gas struts in the hatch are blown.
    Cody’s note: We’ll just have to use a prop-stick when we need something out of the back. Or fold the seats and grab it from there.
  • Power sliding rear doors don’t power slide anymore.
    Jake’s note: There’s some sort of code in the Body Control Module about “Door Motor Overcurrent Safety” that comes up when the motors try to open the doors. For now, we’ll just unplug the door motors and open them the hard way. Probably needs some grease in the rails to lube things up.
    Marcus’ note: Yeah, some grease fixed it. Scratch this one off the list.
  • Air Conditioning Barely Works.
    Trevor’s note: It’s Russian, you morons. Of course the A/C doesn’t work that well. The heater works flawlessly, though. But, yeah, there could be something wrong with the A/C compressor.
  • Power Locking doesn’t function.
    Cody’s note: Not surprising. Thankfully, there’s a keyhole for every door, and everyone has a key. That’s how you solve a problem!
  • What the Hell is that Smell!?
    Marcus’ note: Smells like something died in here. Either that, or… God damn you, Trevor! Don’t test the Stinkers in the car!
    Trevor’s note: Yeah, my bad. At least we know that when we gift these ‘air fresheners’ to some of the other teams, they’ll “freshen” the air with the smell of “Hot Summer Porta-Potty.” We’ll just have to live with it for a few miles.
  • Hard to reach the Coil Packs
    Jake’s note: Yeah, that 5.4 liter engine’s big. And the coil packs are on the back of the block. Which means they’re up against the firewall, which makes them really difficult to work on. On the plus side, though, that big I4 sounds almost like a V8 when idling. Don’t want to know what Dynamite was thinking when they created it, though. Why does an engine need to be that big?
    Marcus’ note: Yeah, it’s a common thing with their cars. They seem to have no sense of direction. It’s why they put a 4.1 liter paint-shaker inline 3 in the XR-3 I used to race. Big engine, lots of torque for an I3, but a bloody gutless wonder without a turbo. And if you turbo the I3, it blows up.
    Trevor’s note: Yeah, well, they based this 5.4 on a diesel of some sort, just kept the block, gave it a new head, pistons, crank, conrods… It’s a tough little engine.
    Cody’s note: There’s nothing little about it! It’s bigger than some modern V8’s!

(Outside a retirement bungalow named Harcourt-Entwhistle Towers)

Gran (G) and Mopey (M) are watching Spanners (S) walk around tutting and occasionally kicking a tyre.

S: Well it’s seen better days.

G: Haven’t we all dear. What do you think George?

M: (looking up from his mobile phone) Huh?

G: What do you think of the van?
M: Erm….it’s brown….and it’s a van. (goes back to looking at his phone)

G: sigh David, will it do?

S: sharp intake of breath through clenched teeth Well it’s got a decent engine…bodywork needs a bit of a touch up and it needs a HUGE plate welding in the back to stop everything falling out….but it should do you. It’ll be £175 for the work. But if something goes wrong then you’ll need to find a mechanic because I doubt you 2 could find the bonnet release….let alone an EGR valve.

G: A what dear?

S: See, now that’s what I mean…….

G: But you’re coming with us dear….YOU are our mechanic!

M: sniggering

S: But….but….but….I can’t. I have commitments here.

G: Very well, can you ring your grandmother and tell her the news….she was so excited about you joining us.

S: lets out a resigned sigh and mumbles in that case I can do the work for £50.

The Team

Elizabeth Harcourt-Entwhistle (widowed) – “Gran”
Age – Never ask a lady her age dear
Likes – Family, classical music and old things
Driving experience – over 60 years

George Harcourt-Entwhistle IV – “Mopey”
Age - 17
Likes – Staring at his mobile phone, girls and moping
Driving experience – Pontins Go-kart champion 3 summers in a row (2012-2014), proper cars – 3 weeks

Dave something-or-other – “Spanners”
Age – 28
Driving experience – Anything the army put him into/on to as well as a lot of things he shouldn’t have been anywhere near!
Likes - Mechanical things, lots of hot tea, bodging stuff to make it work again.

The Vehicle
1990 FOA Vango Std – Price £400 (and a bag of Gran’s muffins)

In the back of the van
Inflatable mattress (single) for sleeping on. Old wardrobe, on its side, that acts as storage for food, tools and spare parts.


MOTHER OF ALL I4S :open_mouth:


Had to be done after Marcus’ XR-3 in the Great Automation Run left with the Mother of All I3’s. But this one has the big four, and a turbo.