Grand Tourer Comparison, 1997 issue of AutoMag

For those who find money to be no object and want to put their foot down in comfort as they near a mountain road, there are two cars that are piquing your interest this year. How will you pick between two feats of automotive engineering and technological advancement?

RYKER HELSING, New kid on the block

This car has curb appeal, being a completely new model from British auto manufacturer Ryker. The body was sculpted to match “What we believe the future will look like in automotive design,” as the head designer at Ryker told us. All we think is that it looks good in every color, even their signature Ryker green.

  • Price- $92,500
  • Horsepower- 398 hp
  • Engine- 4.2L Naturally Aspirated V8
  • Drivetrain- Rear wheel drive through a 6-speed manual transmission
  • Top speed- 203 mp/h
  • 0-62 mp/h time- 4.90 seconds
  • Curb weight- 3186 lbs.
  • Seats- 2+2 configuration

POSEIDON GT-V12, Old money still works 7 years later

The Poseidon GT-V12 has been on adult Christmas list for seven years now, and it still gives us the tinglies every time we hear someone put their foot down in one. From most angles, you’d make the mistake of assuming it was one of Poseidon’s “lesser” models, but under the hood lies a beast waiting for you to curl up with it.

  • Price- $102,500
  • Horsepower- 493 hp
  • Engine- 5.6L Naturally Aspirated V12
  • Drivetrain- Rear wheel drive through a 6-speed manual transmission
  • Top speed- 216mp/h
  • 0-62mp/h time- 4.90 seconds
  • Curb weight- 3545 lbs.
  • Seats- 2+2 configuration

We can’t choose, admittedly. We leaned towards the Helsing for a while, being cheaper, but there’s something a bit more fun about owning a big, thirsty V12 in a car that luxurious. So, for those big spenders on a budget for some reason, we’d pick the Helsing over the GT-V12. But for the kind of people who can spend this kind of money on cars, we say, go with your heart! You’ll enjoy yourself either way!


Nice match-up - but what do they look like from behind? It would be nice to show off your taillights to other motorists following you and give them the right impression in the process.